17 April 2012

it's ok to cry sometimes

I have learnt a lot of things these past few months. and one of those things? one of those things is that it's ok to cry sometimes.

I'm not a crier. if something goes wrong then I just grit my teeth and tell myself to get over it. I'm not particularly emotional, so if a film or book is sad, I don't usually cry. I mean, I feel compassion and sadness for others when they go through tough times, but when it comes to myself I am pretty much: get thee over it girl.

but you know something? sometimes, it is ok to cry. it's not weakness. it just shows that you've been strong for too long. most times, if something happened that made me want to cry, I would just tell myself off for being such a sissy. but now? I will curl up in a little ball with my pillow and just let it out. and you know something else? that's ok.

God didn't make us robots. He made us with feelings, emotions and tears. and although I know that I will never be a very emotional, teary person, I know that crying isn't bad. it isn't weak. it's ok.

but then, again. I'll never forget how to laugh.

xox jess


  1. Great One sweetheart!
    I miss you,
    Love Kristi xxx

  2. Love this post :)
    I very rarely cry at films too!
    Fizi Kizi xx

  3. i am usually not a very emotional person, either. believe it or not, i cry when i'm angry. like, really mad. or when something extremely devastating happens to someone i love. oh, and when i'm watching "courageous". that movie is the only one that gets me sobbing.


  4. I am a very emotional person, and not because I want to be because that is how God made. Almost every sad movie seen I will get tears in my eyes. haha! It's so funny how different people can be.
    Thanks for the post Jess.

  5. Love this post. I cry heaps in movies, but not so much in real life. Sometimes when you hold it in for too long, the pressure builds up...

  6. Ah, so true! I'm definitely a crier! But I do know how to laugh too :)