13 April 2012

p.s. it's a beautiful day today

this is the awkward part in my life where I post pictures of myself and say, "hey! it's my birthday! I'm, like, so old. yayforbirthdays!".

dis is dat dere time when I was in dat dere mama's tummy.

dis is...dis is...me at the beach. posing like a super model, of course. the life I lived back then.

don't you just love those awkward, embarrassing, hilariously funny pictures from when you were a iddy-biddy-oh-so-cute-chubby-cheeked-sweetie-pie? I thought so.

this is the creepy bit. the now bit. I'm pretty dang weird-not-so-cutie-pie-anymore-probably-still-chubby-cheeked-not-really-iddy-biddy-but-still-a-midget-17-year-old.

oh the joy. I'm happy. I'm 17 going on 70. I'm living in England. I'm missing New Zealand. I'm still a 5 year old at heart. I'm still breathing. I'm 6 months away from finishing school. I'm in love with Jeeves. I'm missing my two sisters and my nephews and niece. I'm a herbal remedy nerd. I'm a Jurassic Park lover. I'm God's daughter. I'm a pinterest addict. I'm a sinner. I'm a dreamer. I'm happy.

here is my 17 year old wish list. what's in your wish list?

to get an iPhone
to go to Paris
to watch the Hobbit
to go for an extended holiday to NZ
to get my license
to see more of America
to do a photography and/or nutrition course
to travel somewhere with a friend
to get photoshop
to do a personal bible study on Psalms

most of those things may or may not have to do with travelling. yeah. ahem. still, if any of you wish to take me to Paris, I'd be more than happy to oblige.

love you all.
be good, have a birthday on me, and hug jess coz it's her birthday.

xox jess

p.s. it's a beautiful day today.


  1. Your still adorable as ever!!

  2. How is it that I've grown up with you and never seen those kiddie pics??? You're a bunch of cuties! The ballet pic? Priceless.

    Happy Birthday Oldie!

  3. happy birthday you old person!!
    -jocee <3

  4. jess, you are/were such a cutie! haaapppy birthday!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) <-- that was seventeen smiley faces, just for you.

  5. happy birthday!!! I thought you were way older, geez. :) But I'm glad you are younger, just so you know you write very maturely.


  6. Happy Birthday Jess! You're still adorable! ;)

  7. You're gorgeous!!! Especially now! And your list seems like a pretty darn good one! Wish I could help you with that.

  8. Happy Birthday Jess! Hope you have a fantabulous day!

    Love the pictures, You're so beautiful.



  9. i'm giving you a virtual hug. okay? okay.

    also, you're reallyyyy pretty. you were from the very beginning. :)



  10. happy birthday, girlie ;) next year, you'll be old and gray. ...and me, being one year older than you, will be even older and grayer.


  11. Happy Birthday, dear! Seventeen is rather old (as I was telling one of my friends), but as long as you aren't turning grey haired, I take it you'll be fine. I'm turning sixteen this year, and definitely watching my hair closely (weird mental image).

    May I say, you are very lovely, when you were itty bitty, and now. Your eyes are so gorgeous. Eep! I have been saying eep an awful lot, what a strange habit, I really should curtail it.

    Oh, and when I get rich and famous, of course I'll take you to Paris.


  12. Have you ever been to America? Great post.
    Love, Haley

  13. *claps hand over mouth* Oh my goodness, I forgot your birthday! I was thinking about it a couple of weeks ago, but it passed out of my mind. I was away over your birthday, but still that's no ecxuse.
    A huge Happy Birthday! I would send you a hug, but it's quite hard over a computer. Oh well, you can give youself a hug from me.
    I love the photos!
    P.S Don't go to Paris, come to NZ XD

  14. Miss JESSY!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am sorry this comment is late, hopefully you got my email! (which was on the right day I believe!)
    Jess I love you sooooooo much, and am SO thankful that Jesus has allowed me to have such a wonderful friend as you!!!! You are such an amazing beautiful woman and seriously I am so glad I know you! Thank you for putting up with me ;) I I love you so much Jessy and hope your birthday was WONDERFUL!!!!!

  15. A little birdy told me it was your bday on friday. Which was last week already! So happy birthday again! From this strange, non-commenting blog reader who lives in NZ and is friends with Verity! Hope it was a really special day.

  16. Jess! Happy Birthday!:D I hope it was the best! I'm so sorry this is late.. You haven't been on Flickr in a long time! I miss you on there. Such a good post! ha, Wow, you're so much older than me!

  17. Sooo, apparently I already commented on this post? I've been following you, but for some reason you weren't in my dashboard. Soo, I'm kind of re-becoming-a-follower of this great blog!