3 June 2012


how do you like my oh-so-inspired title? wordy, I'm good at these things. lately. does it get any better?
but it does fit nicely. because I'm gonna talk about lately. yup. that's all you're getting from me, because my life has been whirling around in little circles leaving me sitting on the kitchen floor with a cuppa wondering why I couldn't be bothered to stand up and why I was falling asleep on my school work that morning and why sometimes three double shot lattes are day are necessary. in other words, I've been kinda busy.

so. let's make a deal. I'll tell you my "latelys", and you tell me yours. ok? ok. deal.

- summer lasted 2 weeks. that's it. 2 blasted weeks. oh, england, thorn in my side.
- our back extension is looking good. in a muddy, wet, not finished, solid sort of a way. I carved some words onto the foundation blocks, coz it made me feel happy. then the builders covered it up. sheesh. no appreciation for how long that took me.
- I am so excited about "the thing". but I'm not going to tell you all just yet. but it has me freaking out a lot. sometimes I'll be sitting there, and I'll give a little squeal. gosh.
- I finish my schoolwork in 6 months. this is one happy girl.
- 3 things. the hobbit is coming out soon. bourne legacy is coming out soon. and I haven't seen the avengers movie. kill me now. so ashamed.
- so, the Queen's diamond jubilee is today. and I'm not having a party for it, because I'm just that wicked. happy 60th year reign Queen Elizabeth darling! she's a great pal of mine.
- anyone want a blog design? I'm up for doing them, so if you want to order one/find out a price, just email me!
- I forgot to mention on the other post how much I appreciated all of your amazing comments on this post. you are all so beautiful and lovely and beautiful and lovely. you all cheered me up so much! I love you all.
- I know that loads of people are doing vlogs and it struck me how much I love vlogs; seeing the bloggers, hearing their voice and all that. is anyone interested in one?

love you all.
be good, tell me your "latelys" and kiss a chipmunk in the forest.

xox jess


  1. 1. I'm back to wearing jeans and jumpers ;) woo for British weather!
    2. We're not really doing anything for jubilee either- I painted my nails if that counts ;)
    3. You should totally do a vlog! I love them :)
    Kimmy xxx

  2. I'm sorry you only had 2 weeks of summer :( And I'm totally in favor of you doing a vlog :)

  3. YES YES YES, do a vlog! :) and those photos are beautiful!

  4. so excited for the hobbit! and I haven't seen the avengers yet either... I think we're the only two in the world. ;) yes, make a vlog, make a vlog!

  5. i am super excited for the hobbit too! and yes you should do a vlog! ;)

  6. the thing? what thing? hmm? I can't possibly imagine... wink wink.
    (unless it really is something else. in which case--awkward.)
    I don't know about a vlog...I think I'll have seen your face enough recently, so don't bother.
    I'd adore one.
    like I kinda adore you.
    the end. (: (: (:

  7. 1. It's winter in Australia, so everyone's raving on about flowers and fresh summer air and I'm freezing my bottom off over here. Why can't it be summer all year 'round? ;)
    2. I love how you go all *bold* at the end of your posts. Your *bold* endings make me happy.
    3. I haven't seen the Avengers, so don't stress.
    4. A blog would be great!
    Keep on posting beautiful posts,

  8. So, last night I was watching these videos about the making of The Hobbit. It make me think two things: a. I want to see it!!!!! Very badly. b. WHEN you come back to visit NZ, we should totally do a Hobbit/LOTR tour! It would be sweet. And when I'm in England we can do a P&P tour.

    Also, it's nice for once to know what "the thing" is, instead of spending ages wondering :P

    Also also, if you feel like it, can you email me tons and tons of pictures of the renovations? Something to do if you get bored...

    I like that first pic - good comp & colour :)

  9. I love the 2nd picture!!

  10. oh my, that daisy garland is just perfection. lately for me? working like crazy to finish up those last school things, and pretty much just being excited for these coming months :) xx.