25 May 2012

soaking up the sun

sunshine has been frolicking it's little patootie round here lately and I am one happy chickadee. for those of you wondering, england is not a place where the sun frolics it's little patootie.
our back room has been getting a make-over (aka demolished and knocked over) and our back yard has been capooshed so that we can lay foundations for an extension. so while all that's been going on, I've been soaking up the sun and taking pictures/videos, while all these tradesmen who drive awesome diggers & trucks bombard our garden.
guys. I want a digger. ok? ok.

some of the moment lovelies:

ben & jerry's // diggers // sunshine // iced coffee // sunshine // pilates // chicken salads // the war horse // sunshine // berry & muesli parfait // making plans // blog designing // formal parties // sunshine // bright summer colours // skype // late evening walks // shorts // sunshine // buttercups // sunglasses // maxi skirts // florals // red bush tea // freckles // long telephone calls 

what are some of your of the moment lovelies?

love you all.
be good, soak up the sun and hug a chipmunk really hard.

xox jess
p.s. me and my mama were hatching plans for me to somehow get a job with peter jackson as a on-set photographer. our plan was to become best friends with his wife. either that or kidnap the current photographer. any better ideas?


  1. all of your photos are filled with delicious bokeh-y goodness! I love it :)
    and I like the kidnapping idea. brilliant :)

  2. that 3rd to last picture is gorg.


  3. these photos = amazing. and i love your idea ;)

  4. OH yes. I know what you mean about the weather... it's crazy-amazing-awesome-and-all-that-goodness. (where do you live in England? - we're in the midlands.)

    also, you're photos are just simply darling and gorgeous. gaaah!

    xX acacia

  5. "for those of you wondering, england is not a place where the sun frolics it's little patootie.

    Oh how I know the feeling. Your photos are enchanting my dear!

  6. I love all these pics darl. The colour's beautiful...golden hour! Top one's a bit cheeky :P

  7. Gorrrrrrrrgeous photos! Love the color...


  8. I love how your words just make me happy. XD

    You're awesome!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  9. I love the photographs! Ugh! I know how it feels to have trucks and diggers ALWAYS in your yard! Our house is being renovated. :)

  10. tell you what... this summer, you promise to send me some of your awesome, rainy-cloudy-ness, and i will ship some of this dreadful, never-ending, Arizona sunshine. k? k.
    i will be awaiting my first package.


    btw, late evening walks? bestthingever.

  11. We had like ONE WEEK of sunny weather- so that'll be it for this year... Gotta love British weather! ;) And the war horse is so depressingly sad/amazingly good. Sigh.
    Kimmy xxx