13 June 2012

this is where I start to freak out.

so. I have the most exciting news ever. well, it's exciting to me. you're probably going to want to throw cabbages at me or something. but I am thrilledthrilledthrilled.
enter the happy dance, the freaking out and the really lame excited smile. and the squealing.

if you wanna find out what it is, you have to watch the video! coz I'm just that mean.

ok, so please ignore the badly edited bits at 3:40 and at 4:49, I need to get to know iMovie a little better. if you think about it, it just shows you that I was kind enough to edit parts out that, in the end would've made the video about 12 minutes...so, be grateful. ha.
watch on and laugh at my strangeness!

well done for persevering through. you deserve a gold medal. no, wait, you'll deserve a gold medal for persevering through my vlog part 2. so don't let's be hasty. you will have to wait for that medal.

like it said at the end of the video, if you have any requests, just comment! guest posting over at jennoelle's blog today.

love you all.
be good, tell me your news and evict all spiders from your room (they don't pay rent).

xox jess


  1. again: GOODNESS your accent. GOODNESS your face. both are amazing.
    "but no. you're going to hear the whole thing." ehehe. also, goshbubbles, we need to skype. email me.
    but anyways. I'M SO JEALOUS. come to texas sometime, yeah? we can brave the heat together.
    -jocee <3

  2. aaaaahhhh!!! I LOVE YOUR ACCENT!! TOTALLY CUTE!!! :D


  3. That's so cool that you get to meet Jenn! You both are some of my top favorite bloggers:) Have fun in London!

  4. i know you hear it a lot, so you're probably sick of it, but GOSH your accent makes me smile. and you are all kinds of pretty.

    how exciting! hope you have fun ;)

  5. Haha, I love this vlog! Aww I'm going to be in England soon, but it's with my church so I don't think we could meet up. :( Oh well, have fun! :)

  6. Hello! I just read your post on Jenn's blog (deeply fabulous post, by the way!), so I thought I'd pop over here and say hey!! That is SO awesome that you get to meet Jenn (and in London, no less!).

    By the way, I just started doing vlogs, and I just bought a Nikon D3100. What setting do you put it on to film your vlogs? I really like how yours look!

  7. that is so exciting! if i ever go to england, i would love to meet you :)

  8. Ahh! Jess, that's so exciting! I wish I could go there and meet you some time. ;)
    And I can't help it, I have to say it, your voice is awesome! Seriously. This video was so cool, and it made me laugh and smile.
    You haven't been on Flickr for such a loooooong time! I miss you lots!

  9. Vlogging suits you. I was rewatching your Romantic Makeup Video Tutorial last night and it cracked me up :D Ooh! Speaking of news, I have some for you!! Skype me...

  10. Aww, this is so cute. You're adorable! <3

    I would soo love to meet up with you. ;)

    Congrats on your exciting news! That sounds weeeeird. XD

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  11. ahhhh girl, i just love your voice!(creepy much? ;)) haha no but you are so cute, and your vlogs are awesome, i love watching them! :) Your blog is prettyyy awesome too :) Ok, i'll be done with my ramblings now. ;)

  12. Ahh, how exciting!! I got together with a deardeardear bloggy friend of mine in May and we had a *blast*. It was so amazing to finally meet her in person. Hope you two have a spectacular time, and post lots of pictures!

    oh, and I think it would be just plain awesome if you did a video tour of your room/blogging space. =)

  13. p.s. I would love to meet you! if only London weren't so far away...

  14. well who can ignore your accent?! its awesome!!!

  15. Ah! That's so exciting! :) and I seriously can't get over how pretty you are! and I'm loving these vlogs! :D

  16. Ah, Jess! I know how much I need to see both of your vlogs! Everyone keeps talking about that gorgeous accent of yours. And since I need some "music" for my ears (yes, lovely accents are like songs), I'll try to watch the vlogs really soon. I promise, pinky swear.

  17. wow, that must be sooooooooooo exciting for you, jess! how awesome is that! i'd totally love to see you in person, though you probably don't know me at all! : )
    i was in england (and in london!) two years ago...oh well. it's still an amazing place.

  18. That's so exciting Jess! :) You two are so alike, now that I think about it. You're going to have so much fun!

  19. So excited for you and Jenn getting to meet each other! I'm sure you'll have a blast together. I hope to someday get to meet up with a blogger friend...and If I got to meet up with you I would be ecstatic. :)



  20. Hello there! :) I popped over from Jenn's blog! It's so cool that you and Jenn are meeting up in London!!! Jenn and I have been friends for, oh, only the last decade or so... :) one of the coolest kids ever!

  21. I was only pretending to squeal to make you feel better. I really am only coming for Phantom of the Opera.
    also, you're adorable. the end.

    1. so, you decide to comment on my blog while you're in france huh? is that like rubbing it in?! lol. yeah, I was only being nice. I'm really only coming to see your mom.
      so...how is france? no, don't tell me. I'll just let the insane jealousy come when you tell me all about it in 10 days. 10 DAYS!!!!

  22. That's so awesome , Jess! I would be great to acctually meet a blogging friend. I'm excited for you! hehe

  23. Ah! I just found your blog and I love it! Your accent IS amazing...haha, and you are pretty much the most hilarious blogger I have ever found! Love the vlogs! Keep it up!

  24. I came here from Jennoelle's fabulous blog, and oh my goodness you're so gorgeous! And I don't care if you hear it all the time, but YOUR ACCENT IS EPIC. <3

    So you live in England but you're from NZ? Meaning you moved to the UK or....what?

    This vlog is brilliant. And you're amazing. And I am DEFINITELY following your blog, because apart from my deep love for NZ (!!♥!!), you're so sweet and lovely.

    God bless you!