19 June 2012

travelling #1

travel. it's a lotta fun. but, it's always good to know what to take. I have my travel necessities, and most of these are for a week+ away from home to a place where I know that I'll be dressing up sometimes and going out.

travel makeup bag

foundation - maxfactor ageless elixir || concealers - maybelline coverstick & dreamlumi 
|| mascara - miss sporty || lipgloss - avon || bronzer - rimmel 
|| blush - miss sporty || eyeliner - ? || lip balm - dr organic

travel washbag

distilled witch hazel - toner & cleanser || honey & lemon - face wash 
|| moisturizer - it moisturizes. duh. || witch hazel blemish stick - for any unwanted blemishes!

travel look-after-my-little-hands-bag

baby oil - johnsons || hand cream - avon || nail polish remover - yeah 
|| nail art pen - star gazer, amazing for a cheat's french manicure! || red nail polish - revlon in the shade ruby

extra travel necessities.

hairbrush - in my suitcase || pain-killers - ibuprofen for headaches & that lovely tom || water - I'd die without it 
|| hair pins - life savers || nail clippers - weird, I know, but I hate it when my nail breaks and I can't fix it. the end.

tips and tricks while travelling

- don't watch the hulk 2 while writing a post. it's seriously distracting.

- always drink water. I know people say don't coz it makes you wanna go toilet (hey. my mama's a nurse. I show no shame.) all the time. but honestly, drinking water makes you feel happy & hydrated while you travel. no water makes you grumpy and all dried up inside. like a prune.

- if travelling by car, stop for coffees! if travelling by plane, go to the air hostesses and ask for a coffee or something. like water, coffee/tea is happy juice.

- bring your own laptop/iPad/iPhone. and throw a whole bunch of your fave movies on them. seriously. live in lala land while travelling. it's good for the soul.

- wear comfy clothes! forget the heels, the tight skinny jeans, the starchy shirts. embrace track pants, t-shirts & flats. embrace looking comfortable as well as being it.

 what are some of your travel staples? any other tips to share?

love you all.
be good, wait for "travelling #2", and eat some strawberries.

xox jess


  1. i just want to point out that your water bottle says buxton, and there was a william buxton in cranford whose real name is tom hiddleson of whom i love. just so you know. ;)

    1. wow, what a link! but yes. I know. tom hiddleston is just plain lurrrvely. I have pinned so many pictures of him!

  2. great post :D where did you travelling to? visit your sister? have a great week.

    S xoxo

    1. nope, this time round, I'm travelling to London to meet a blogger friend! but I will be seeing my sister in the next week, which I am so excited about!

  3. Great tips, Jess! I agree, I especially make sure I'm comfortable in the car too, by wearing sweatpants and a comfy shirt. Totally agree with you there! Also, a must have is my zune (it's a mp3 player)so I can listen to my favorite songs, and watch movies on it. I almost always bring my pillow, (more comfort again, haha.) And to be honest sleep is always good while traveling!

  4. Love this! Fantastic tips and ditto to the coffee stops -traveling necessity :)

  5. Jess, I love you. This was just awesome. Simple, but lovely, and witty as always ;) Have fun traveling!

  6. This is great! I love the tour of what is in your make-up bag, it gives me an idea of what products I want to try out.


  7. Oh goodness. I started "following" your blog a little while ago, but I feel like I just discovered your blog for the first time today, and I love it! :) I love the way you talk...or type. :) Looking forward to Traveling #2!

  8. Great tips! I'll need these in a few weeks when I go on a roadtrip :)

  9. My travel staple is a large stack of good books. =) They are my constant companions and my treasures, and I know I couldn't do without them! But coffee is always a plus, too...

  10. Cute tips. I would love to know what you use the lemon for? Some king of break-out remedy?

    1. I use it as a toner and brightener for my skin. it's really great! though perhaps not for sensitive skin...

  11. Ha ha, perfect timing.......I'm leaving tomorrow to backpack across Europe. :D

  12. I cannot tell you how perfect this post is. I love it to bits.

    xx Acacia

  13. this post made me smile. it was pretty amazing. i love well organised things like these for when you're traveling! i'm like, exactly the same :)

  14. Oh great guru, what do you use witch hazel for?

  15. Wow, this is great! I can never make a distinction between what I need-need, and what I "need" when I'm travelling, if you get what I mean. :)

  16. These are all absolutely fabulous and I love this post to bits. =) That velvety nail polish? I loves it with all my little heart.