14 July 2012

london | part three

random memorial wall // jenn on the bridge in front of big ben // our plans for what we had to see // downing street - yes, the prime minister did ask us in for a cuppa, but we were too busy // jenn with bertbertbert // grant giving me one of those creeped-out-stop-taking-pictures-look // jenn posing like a good girl // big ben. who would've guessed? // tower bridge // st. pauls cathedral // also st. pauls cathedral // jenn with bertbertbert in front of buckingham palace // the royal guards' band // jenn giving me "the look" // bertbertbert // grant having a wee nap // big ben // jenn & buckingham palalce are like, this close // jenn found a random piano in the street, so she played "on my own" // starbucks...heavenly starbucks // on the metro, me looking like a mess and jenn looking lovely // westminster // my shoes // me chatting away like a chipmunk // me still chatting away after my uncle stole my camera

oh look! more of london. surprise, surprise. and wow, I totally jammed as many pictures I could on this post...score for jess. I bet you're sick of it all. but I put you through it so that you'll want to come to england and so that I will get to meet up with you. see? it's all for a purpose.

ok, so, see those last two pictures? see how my mouth is open in both of them? yeah. that's coz I'm talking. who would've guessed. it's also evidence that I stole grant's sweater and evidence that jenn's hair is so much prettier than mine and evidence that I do actually wear my glasses.

yes, you think I'm holiday, but I'm not yet, and I should've told you I was going away on this post, not my last one, but because I'm extremely ill-prepared and have a lamentable memory, I didn't. hey, I'm running low on coffee, sunshine and general brain-age. and now I'm talking complete and utter rubbish and I need to grab the bear (my hay-uge, brown, faux mink blanket), get a cup of tea and watch sherlock holmes.

so enjoy the london pictures, enjoy having a break from me (you'll be so relieved, I know), enjoy the guest posters (aka blog kidnappers), enjoy the sunshine that I'm not having, enjoy verbally abusing your brother (he needs it) and enjoy telling me to stop using those stupidly addictive parentheses.

love you all.
be good, enjoy something, and tell me your plans of sabotage for my blog while I'm away.

xox jess

p.s. [post edit:] it's my dad's birthday today! could you all shout out a happy birthday to him?


  1. someday, i plan on coming to meet you, in london, because that would be my dream vaca. (besides visiting Wyoming for like a month. :))


  2. sick of pictures in London?!?!?!?! Are you kidding, I am loving it!!! Looks like fun!!!

  3. gah.. you are really making me jealous now. really.

  4. Oh the wanderlust! Can I come visit you now? ;)

  5. you're just awesome, okay? and you're my favorite. and your hair is gorgeous, so stop it.

  6. ohh, girl you make me laugh. And parenthesis are addicting (don't I know! wait a second, I'm using...oh dear...), and I will NOT enjoy you being away (I love your blog), I will enjoy something - tea & writing, and yeah thats about all..haha! ;D

    1. p.s. she played on my own - as in, from Les Miz? If so, you are officially a-mazing. :)

  7. Just discovered your blog and I'm TOTALLY in love with it AND your london pictures. Who could get sick of them! They're wonderful!

  8. loved this post. I am seriously coming to England someday. :)

  9. Yay yay yay! Finally some pictures of you and Jenn together! :) haha
    Oh and I totally use parentheses a lot too haha. They are addictive. :)
    I will miss your happy posts while you're enjoying a break.
    Happy Birthday to your dad!



  10. How could anyone be sick of London photos? Hope your break is awesome, I'm excited about "sabotaging"/guesposting on your blog this week ;)
    Happy birthday Jess's dad! :)

  11. These pictures are absolutely stunning. And please, I'm not sick of these London pictures. They're gorgeous. And I hope your dad has a great birthday!

    i bet it just *smells* british in london. gah.

  13. you ladies are so cutely gorg it's insane. and london? WHATWHATWHAT I AM COMING. :{] end of story.

  14. woooo you were cramming all those photos in, baby! I love them. lovelovelove them.
    shut up. your hair is gorgeous and you know it.
    have a blast off travelling again, my dear!

  15. *sigh* these photos are making me miss London...it was almost three years ago, but I still want to go back desperately! and see YOU, jess!! :)