6 August 2012

because now it's august

that's the closest I got to the olympics 

 this is what my texts to my brother look like - poor boy

what?! guys, why on earth didn't you tell me that it was august already? dagnabbit, I hardly had time to drink a spit-ful of tea in july before august sneaked up and yelled boo! in my ear. thanks a lot august.

you may well be asking where on earth have I been these past 50 million years and that would be a fair enough question. but, I don't have a fair enough answer. because august is a sneaky toad.
and then, you may well be asking where on earth my q&a vlog is. well, I do have a fair enough answer for that one. the mac lead/charger decided to give up the ghost apple and we took it to the store to get a new one. would they just be nice and give us a lead? no. they wanted to babysit for a whole ten days.


write six full chapters of my new novel
pilates every day
get a sewing machine
record a cover of a song
kidnap mark gatiss and threaten him to tell me the clue
get a twitter account
read northanger abbey
finish editing my q&a vlog - ahem, listen up apple!


bourne legacy
three weeks in a new place
the sister coming up
finishing geography
the brother coming back
always coffee
the mac returning to meeeee

what are you august goals and loves? or did you still think we were in july?

love you all.
be good, tell me you ag's and your al's and send you brother annoying texts.

xox jess
p.s. I am happy to say that my initials are the same as Jim Moriarty's. amen-amen-I-get-to-play-the-hilarious-evil-guy.


  1. Gassy. I love Your posts so much! I look forward o reading them every. Single. Time. Seeeeriouslyyy. (Yes, really.)

    By the bye, where on England do you live? I live in England, too, so I'm curious to know where. (shoot me an email if you don't want to share publicly? >> felicityacacia@gmail.com )


    ox -- just because i'm weird and write 'ox' instea of 'xo' --


    1. WHAAAT? I hate auto correct SOO MUCH! I'M SO sorry -- I meant *'Gaaah' not 'Gassy'.*

  2. I know! This summer has just flown by,, pooh.
    hehe, oh, you didn't get tickets to the Olympics?
    Heavens, what are you thinking!? ;)

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  3. Wow, to be that close to the Olympics would be amazing!! :) And I know - where the heck did July go??? My August loves are:

    sweaters and boots

    the Bourne Legacy (which I have yet to see, but know I will LOVE!!)

    youth retreat


  4. I know, August seriously sneaked up on me too. Why does July always seem like the shortest month? haha the text between you and your brother is great, my sister and I send each other funny texts too. haha!

  5. our Mark Gatiss scheme is progressing quite well. we shall prevail, dear. ;)

  6. hehehehe. this whole post made me giggle like a little girl. because I know when and where you took that photo, and I skype-met your brother (and do I know who you're talking about in your texts??? WHO IS THAT?!), and I just love you a lot because you're cute and funny.
    "august is a sneaky toad." I laughed at my computer screen. because that's so something you'd say in real life. ahahha I miss yoouuuu.
    you're writing a novel? do tell! and also--yes yes yes, twitter. you must. and have I convinced you to read Northanger Abbey at last? it's so good. so hilarious. and Brave--yesss me likes.
    ps--this cracked me up. you'd make an awesome hilarious evil guy.

  7. Yay! I've missed your posts :) This made my day, especially the text.


  8. Haha, Yay for Bourne Legacy! I'm glad I'm not the only one super excited about that. :D

  9. #5 of your august goals: I shall help you.
    And my brother does the same thing :)

  10. um. hey. that's close to the olympics. i'm jealous. and your brother gets texts from sherlock holmes? now i'm really jealous.

  11. Ah Bourne Legacy and Brave! I love Brave, and I simply cannot wait until the Bourne movie comes out!
    Glad you're back to blogging!

  12. Hey Jess, I awarded you over at my blog!!


  13. You're writing a new novel? Spill the beans!

    1. Horrible child. At least email me and tell me! Have you stopped MLM?

  14. you are hilarious! yes, where DID july go??!!! we're in august already???????

  15. wait...the sister coming up and the brother coming back??? girl, we need to skype!!

  16. Northanger Abbey is my favourite Austen book! I can't really explain why, I just love it! And you are so funny! :)
    Kimmy x

  17. Jess,
    I have recently started a little series I like to call "favorites"(not much of a name is it? haha.) And it would make me feel awesome if you would check this out :) http://themeltedcamera.blogspot.com/2012/08/favorites-002jess.html
    thankyou :) For being the amazing girl God has called you to be!