10 August 2012

ninety-three million miles from the sun

ok, so I have to explain two of these pictures. that first one of me? were you creeped out? yes, well, I wouldn't surprised. apparently I'm going to eat someone's face off or something. which isn't something I normally do. then, that last one of my sister, beth? she wanted me to tell you that she was being silly and she doesn't really smile like that. ha. it makes me laugh every time I look at it. *cheese!*

my sister came up for the week, which was positively gorgeous. it involved coffee, smurf t-shirts, coffee, the help, coffee, sherlock (she hadn't even seen any of them....I had to educate her, obviously.), iced coffee, shopping, pre-birthday birthday parties, mochas, staying up late, coffee and a dang good photo shoot. did I say coffee?

I'm persuaded that aviators are heaven sent. especially steve madden aviators. ok, so my sister bought those for £15 and she loved them. then, we were doing a photo shoot and I said to her,
"ok, take your glasses off and put 'em on your knee."
so she does. like a good girl, listening to her bossy, photographer sister.
"uh-huh? oh, just hold 'em that way."
"jess, these are steve madden sunglasses!"
"whaaa? are you kidding my guts? they were only £15!! steve madden would be outraged!"
end of my little story.

ok kiddies. I'm done. more pictures from our lovely week coming soon. then, when my brother gets home, I'm going to kidnap him and make him dress up all fancy. and, I'm going to take pictures of him. *enter evil laugh*

love you all.
be good, find a pair of steve madden glasses and see this wondrous miracle!

xox jess


  1. ehhehehe. I miss that face. that's probably what half of my photos of you are going to look like. you know, once I get through them. and gaahh I still haven't seen Sherlock--I'm so behind on life. I know, I know, shun me.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I was like thinking " major rock star" threw-out this whole post!!!
    Love it:)!!

  3. These photos had me rolling...you two crack me up (and you both have such darn gorgeous hair).

    The weekend sounds heavenly. Aviators? Yes, yes, yes. And coffee? Even better :)

    I feel terrible deprived on the Sherlock front. Haven't seen one episode! Time to do something about that...

  4. Hahah! Love these, Jess. And coffee. I love coffee. <3

  5. Hah. These are so fun!
    xo. | Megan

  6. I was seriously sooo confused!! I couldn't figure out if you had gotten your hair colored blond and curled or what?? Cuz wow, your sis looks BUNCHES like you!! And ohmygosh, can I just say how much I am flippin in.love with your hair!?!?!?!!? Ohmygosh. Its gorgeous!! And so are you!!


  7. Love the pictures <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  8. Cutie-patootie. Was nice to see your pretty faces last night.

  9. It is impossible for me to convey how deeply fabulously beautiful you girls are. And your hair! LOVE. =) Great pictures and gorgeous girls. =)

    by the way, jess, what do you use to edit your photos? If you use Photoshop, what version do you have?

  10. you crack me up :) oh, and you're quite possibly one of the most gorgeous girls i know. ok.

    p.s. le twitterrrrr! ♥

  11. you two are sooooooooooo pretty jess!! i love you and your sister's sense of humour when it comes to the camera...priceless :)

  12. p.s. i only just realised what your pen name stands for! i used to think (up until now) that it was pronounced 'nnwezzzkiwi girl'. i didn't realise it stand for new zealand kiwi girl!!!!!!!
    oh my gosh.

  13. haha, this post is great :) love the photos, and plus also jason mraz rocks :)

  14. also. sherlock. man, you and i are like the same person! :)

  15. I love the photos! And sherlock ;) Also, can I have your hair?
    Kimmy x

  16. Whoa, you are a drop-dead gorgeous pair! Lovely, fun photo shoot!

  17. way to go-- indoctrinating your sister into the blissful world of Sherlock. ah, Moriarty, we shall educate everyone! mwahaha!

  18. *gasp*

    Your sister hadn't seen Sherlock!? Whoa! That is just NOT. RIGHT. LOL! ;-)