16 August 2012

this is jocee. jocee is a cupcake munchin texan.

this is jocee. jocee is simply the most adorable, beautiful, gorgeous, fun and adorable girl ever. we skyped a a week ago and it was...well, it was minty biscuits. towards the end of the call, we decided that finding out what each of us ate from day-to-day would be the best course (no pun intended) of action. of course. because that's what normal people do. don't be shocked to find out that she doesn't actually eat cupcakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know. it's sacrilegious. but what can you do? she'll have to change the title on her blog to waffles and sausage dictionary or something. ok. moving on.

b r e a k f a s t

waffles and sausage with milk or orange juice. jocee, I'm coming round for breakfast.

l u n c h

turkey sandwich. 
just to let you know, the turkey sandwich has lettuce, mustard, pickle, & the whole shabang on it. 
oh, and she drinks water like a good girl too.

d i n n e r

burgers and fries. om nom nom. she eats this good meal with water or kool aid. 
and I'm so multi-cultural that I didn't even have to look up kool aid on google.

do you all feel educated now? try and stop yourselves from running down to jocee's house. I know. it's difficult. wanna see what I eat? c'mon, you know you do.

love you all.
be good, tell me what you eat and go give jocee some love.

xox jess


  1. I just found your blog from Because He Loves Me, and I love it :) This is a cute post! Burgers sound good right about now.

    Erin :-)

  2. my goshbubbles. i'm kind of speechless. i just don't know where to begin! there's too many good things to say about jocee.

  3. this is so adorable.. period. just adorable.

  4. you know what's so amazing about this post? i'm totally eating a turkey sandwich right now. except i'm cheating and drinking koolaid. ;)
    love you, girl! this is awesome! :)

  5. goshbubbles. she doesn't eat cupcakes for breakfast!? GASP. Haha.. Jocee's the cutest thing.. Even if she doesn't eat them in the morn.


  6. Jocee gets more amazing by the second. true story.

  7. i adore this whole thing. truly.

  8. JESS! hey girl:) i just found your blog, and you're adorably amazing! and on side note? the waffles and sausage dictionary sounds great. ;)

  9. I love both of your daily meals! And these posts (yours and Jocee's) were really fun.

    Jemimah C. @ Ink and Iridescence