14 August 2012

on the other side of a street I knew

hey kids!
this week has been full. in every sense of the word. I have some pretty exciting stuff to share with you, but I can't just now. let's just say I'm as happy as a chipmunk in a forest. I would be getting onto editing that q & a vlog, if only the mac would be returned to us. hint hint mac shop.
I've been cramming in a lot of schoolwork lately and let me tell you, biology has really topped itself this time round. learning about bacteria and molds and mushrooms. with. every. possible. insy-teensy. detail.
I'm not bitter about it or anything. no way.
see that messy gypsy hair of mine up there? yeah, well, it's coming off today. choppity chop. I'm going to go for a pixie cut.

joking, kids, joking.

but I am going to get it cut and if I decide to go drastic, I'll send you all a lock of my hair. or maybe just a picture. hey, did ya'll know I was on twitter? it's crazy I know, but I decided to stop being an old woman and to just start a tweetin'. follow me if you dare to be braver than brave. blog post coming up soon about a fun, lovely, cupcake-munchin' lady from texas. bet you can all guess who that is, right?

love you all.
be good, share some news, and get a twitter account if you don't already have one.

xox jess


  1. HAY. send me a lock of your hair? i want one. beautiful photos, dawrling. cheerio, pip-pip and all that mush.

  2. I almost died over your hair. Do not tease me like that!
    It's so lovely<3 Don't cut it all off, okay Jess?
    xx riley

  3. oh good for you starting on twitter, I still don't do any of those social networks;P
    can't wait to see the new do!!

  4. Serious?? You have the most gorgeous hair, EVAH. I think I would cry if you chopped it all off... or at least pout and mope.

  5. don't cut your hair. just don't. ;D
    Biology is...ugh. I'm learning about the classification system just now. Blech.


  6. your freaked me out for a sec. don't you dare cut your gorgeous hair.
    blog post coming up soon about a fun, lovely, cupcake-munchin' lady from texas. bet you can all guess who that is, right? it's jocee, hands down, jocee

  7. You are not allowed to cut your beautiful hair!! But if you do, send it to me, so that my hair will finally be LOONG. :) hAHAH No but seriously, I just LOOVE your hair the way it is right now!!! Its gorgeous. Also, is your sister's hair naturally like that?? I am sooo jealous!!!


  8. Hah! I love how sassy the photos are! Totally adorbs! Can't wait for the post about Jocee, I mean...who else could it be??

  9. I totally believed you about the pixie cut for a second haha. You never know, you may be able to pull that look off. :)

    Following you on twitter now!



  10. I got so happy--like, SO happy--at just the title of this post. oh minty biscuits.
    (went there.)
    also you kind of freaked me out by saying you were going to get a pixie cut. your hair is like the most gorgeous thing evarrr.
    mushrooms. who needs 'em.

  11. You and your sis are so pretty and funny. And your guys hair is beautiful. I've got hair like your sisters and I can't wait till it's as long as hers! :)

  12. You have the most incredibly beautiful gorgeous stunning perfect hair.

  13. I like these pictures. Your hair is so pretty! :) Hope you get your computer back soon, and good luck with all your biology schoolwork!

  14. Aww! So cute! =D
    Oh, Biology... Now that was fun. haha, not really.
    But I thought that the stuff you learn more towards the end is interesting... in a way... ;)

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze