25 September 2012

the q & a vlog

yes. it has finally arrived. the long awaited q&a vlog. so very deeply ashamed. so terribly mortified. but only for 1.2 minutes. ok, so, here's the low down:

1) I'm sorry it's 17 minutes long. ouch.
2) singing like a parrot is included.
3) 2nd video is bloopers (weird word.).
4) bear with the going-out-of-focus thing.
5) lil jess forgot to change the aperture.
6) lil jess is good like that.
7) why? just why.
8) I'm not really that pale.
9) yeah, sorry for the washed-out-ness. blame it on jeeves.
10) is it just me or are they both quiet? turn it up kids, turn it up.

oh, and guess what? I'm on tumblr. yup. joy and fun and loveliness and minty biscuits. follow if you dare, give me a link to your tumblr and if you don't have one then get one just for fun.
oh, and another thing? it's been raining for 3 days straight and I might be going slightly insane. only slightly.

love you all.
be good, get a tumblr and don't die after watching the vlog.

xox jess 


    i swear. there needs to be a show about you. just being yourself. you should talk. about things. and put it on youtube. and then the world will fall in love with you and you'll become president of America and then you'll invite me over and we'll eat minty biscuits and stuff like that. so. yeah. you're pretty. just saying. ;)

  2. also you dream is fantastic. get me on the movie set of some avengers sequel.
    actually no just get me tom hiddleston.
    that's nice.

  3. this was, like, the best thing ever in the history of awesome. seriously, your accent is totes adorbs.

    and rain. goy-juss rain. send me some, dahling! xo

  4. Oh Jess. This made my night.
    1). Yay for Awkward vlogs and Bloopers!
    2). You have a very pretty voice. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. true story.
    3). Do another one soon, okay? I'm glad we had this talk.

  5. gah.. girl I could listen to this all day long! your accent is swoon-worthy and you are so drop-dead gorgeous. you sing beautifully. and my tumblr is ratherwhimsical98.tumblr.com

  6. Jess, you are so cute! I had a Tumblr for a while, but it got way to cray cray on there!

  7. Jess this was fun to watch! :) you're a good singer and I love that song too. When you said you were going to sing like a parrot I literally thought that someone asked you to sing like one and I was confused...haha. You have a beautiful voice, dear.

    You're not a children person? Does that just mean that you don't desire to have kids or you don't really hang out with kids/get along with them. I just wanted to clarify cause my little sister was watching your video with me and she thought when you said that, that you meant you didnt really like kids. I'm sure that's not what you meant...I just want to clarify for her sake. :)

    I love how unique your choice of names are! Some I've never heard of.

    Romola Garai is a great actress! I love her in the movie Emma. One of my top favorite actresses though is Hattie Morohan who plays Eleanor in Sense and Sensibility.

    Blessings, Jess!


    P.S. I love your hair it's really pretty. Haha

    1. thanks so much! haha, oh, I meant that I'm not really 'children person' in the sense that I don't want to have my own. but I don't mind hanging out with kids! they can be bunches of fun! hope that clarifies it for your sister. I still think of myself as a kid anyway; so it's all good ;)

    2. Oh ok. Thanks for the clarification! :))) I still think of myself as a kid sometimes too haha.

  8. "Naming children is different because I wouldn't name them." Darling.

    You quoted the Reluctant Widow. Brilliant. GH is full of fantastic quotes. May I be nibbled to death by ducks if that is a lie.

  9. Jess. You are the best. This long-awaited vlog is the best ever.
    Can I come move in with you? Okay? Okay. We will drink coffee and watch movies and quote Sherlock Holmes and sing musicals and scout around for our blogger flat.
    Oh, but that's right. Who needs a flat? All we need is a coffee machine.
    Flats are so overrated anyway.
    I just about died at that one bit where you stop mid-sentence, squint your eyes toward the window and say, "Why is Damien carrying a tree...." Your facial expression is priceless.
    And your voice is gorgeous. I may or may not be biased because you sang one of my favorite songs, but still. I lurved it.
    And the bloopers? Gosh, those were funny. I need to start doing bloopers on my vlog. Oh yeah, I also need to actually film a vlog within the next decade or so...
    Anyway. Loved this, my little crumpet. And I love you too. =)

  10. You're beautiful.
    and you said my name!! It made me so happy.
    anyways, thanks for answering our questions(: You're so lovely, dear Jess.

  11. Oh! And your voice!! it's beautiful!!<3<3 You should make a singing vlog -nods- Yes that would be good.

  12. ohmygoodness...
    "Why is Damon carrying a tree? My brother is carrying a tree... past my window, like you do, obviously. you carry trees around... don't your brothers do that? omigoodness."
    lol, I seriously laughed so hard, and had to rewatch it twice. LOL
    Oh, and yes, one of my brothers would totes do that...
    And he just came up to me wearing my glasses...
    Exit David.
    okay, so...

    I seriously loved this sososo much. and you have a beautiful voice, dahling... Love it!
    And that song, I do like that one, too...

    Well, I have way too much to say about this vlog, and i have to do my school, so I must go...

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  13. Haha, loved that! Oh, and thanks for the song. ;D Your voice is lovely!

    Now I'm gonna go pretend I have an accent like yours, and say neat British things like "snazzy" and "lovely". ;P


  14. that was fun :)
    I have a tumblr too ;) http://of-the-field.tumblr.com/

  15. Oh goodness, you're adorable and your accent is perfect and your voice is gorgeous. I loved this so much...you kept me smiling. :) Your blog is delightful!

  16. You are soooo very pretty, You have a lovely, lovely voice....not just saying. I like Romola Garai too!. Where do we ask questions to put in your vlog if you make another one?

    1. awww, stop it now! c'mon, you're embarassin me! lol. thanks ;) you can either comment and ask questions or email me. to be honest though, I'll probably do a post where you can all attack me with questions when I'm close to making another q&a vlog.

  17. I just made a tumblr, too...
    Here's the link:

    I kind of a little stole your name, is that okay? Or should I change it? I am terrible at thinking up names, and yours was just *so* perfect.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


    1. yayfortumblr! haha, no that's okay. I'm glad you like it! ;)

  18. So, you have a beautiful singing voice(!) and the reluctant widow is one of my favorite georgette heyer books! Since you said no-one really knows about it and all... :)

  19. Love your vlog! Your singing is beautiful! :)

  20. Ditto what the other Charlotte said. And I love The Reluctant Widow! And that quote from it...never fails to crack me up...pure genius that is!

    I've already named many of my hundread or so future children xD -all completely crazy names that I'd rather die than to be called...but hey, that's the fun of it!

  21. I watched your bloopers first. ohh my. I love your face.
    when you said you're not a big children person--oh I just smiled inside. because obviously you're marrying an old man who's going to die right away, so who needs children? "naming children is different because I wouldn't name them." I laughed.
    LION KING. <3
    girl. your voice is so so pretty. like for real. I miss singing Phantom of the Opera around London with you.
    also I forgot to tell you this when we skyped, but I really really like your hair. its prettyyyy.
    YOU GOT A TUMBLR WITHOUT ME?! so rude. SO rude. I'm just appalled. except you already quoted me on it, so that put a smile in my tummy.

    the accent. and the way you say everything is absolutely, positively GORGEOUS. yes, I know I've told you that before, but you'll just have to hear it again. ;) I think I should fake a British/New Zealander accent if I ever do a vlog. seriously, I could just listen to you talk all day. how about posting that 40 minute vlog? ;) heheh.
    ahhh! hahaha. XD yup. carrying trees. that's what brothers do in great britain, no? ;)
    "...hear that?" your mom making noises in the kitchen is my favorite part. XD just kidding. but it's quite humorous if I do say so myself.
    HEY! another people watcher! ehm. yeah. I do the same thing. and what's creepier is if I listen to someone (a female more specifically) talk for a long period of time, I'll start to sound like them. m-hmm.
    your expressions are amazing, and I do so love when you laugh. :D
    awh jess dear. you are such a darling when you get all excited about visiting new zealand.
    I think we should sing a duet together. singing is my passion. ♥ and your voice is quite beautiful when you sing at the end. not even remotely close to...what did you say...parrot?! :P mmm. you were wrong about that, darling. very wrong. :)
    "...watch movies, drink, go to sleep, drink, watch movies..." may I join you?
    YES, YES, YES! picking out the names is my favorite part in writing a novel, too!! :D sometimes, I'll just think of a story plot, then name the characters...and never even write the novel. it's true.
    but I would love to become a mother to a few adorable littles. :) you can be their "aunt". ;) okay? ... okay, good. 'cause my littles are gonna need an aunt, and if you'd rather not be a mother...an aunt is your second best option. ;)
    I'm not much for boy's names...I only have a very few, but girls names. AH. I have a list that changes monthly. yep. would you like to see? ;)
    again, the voice is BRILLIANT. :) serious.
    "...no more crazy questions!" you're amazing.
    And last, but not least, of course. those bloopers. no matter how crazy the word sounds, yours were hilarious. if I made bloopers for a vlog, I would sound stupid.

    much love dear jess,

    ps. I bet you're wondering about me now... hope you like long comments or goodness knows what'll happen to me. ;)
    pps. isn't it your turn to email back? ;)

  23. My goodness gracious dearest. First of all. Your voice. Oh-so-lovely. And your hair? Jealous.

    One day, we're going to do our American roadtrip and embrace awkwardness like nobody's business. ;) And fangirl over Sherlock and drink way. too. much. coffee.

    And who needs children? We're gonna marry rich old men anyways so they'll die and leave us their money, right? ;) How else will we fund our roadtrip, which MUST take place in a Ferrari or something equally charming? xo

  24. holy smokes your blooper reel just made my day.

  25. HOLY MACARONI. YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST PERSON ALIVE. And I am absolutely jealous of your flawless face, and PERFECT hair. GOOD GRIEF. SO cute. xo

    1. Singing like a PARROT?! HAHAHAHAHA.
      If your a parrot.. WHO KNOWS what I am.

  26. Oh. My goodness. I just started following your blog and I completely fell in love with it, including your accent! This vlog was completely wonderful!! You voice is also very very lovely! :)