23 September 2012

journal entry | september edition

this is an entry from my journal. I thought that I might do this once a month: post an entry from my journal on here. it's not dramatic-literature type stuff, coz that's not the way I write. so, you are getting raw, un-edited, straight from the page goods here, folks. 

22nd September 2012 
You know, saying heyheyhey at the start of every journal entry has become a sort of tradition. I think about changing it sometimes, but I just can't bring myself to do it. What a sop I am. But hey. One sometime becomes attached to the stupidest things. Because obviously, heyheyhey is very dear and near to my heart. Yes, I know; I may be weird. But at least I know it. Today I thought that I would write something dramatic and inspiring and deep and beautiful for the soul. So, basically, everything that I'm not. Ha, yeah.
Though I'm not entirely sure what it is that I should write this short piece about. And I say short, because it will be. Long dramatic pieces are exhausting to read and to write even to the most diligent heart. Most of the time they are just melodramatic and un-real. I mean, no one really thinks in that way and no one sees life in that way, no matter how much they try and convince you that they do. Well, what a great start to my dramatic piece! Ripping it to shreds before I even begin. How delightful. I like people who can write write about deep things, but still keep it real. You know? Of course you do. Oh, my new bed is coming today! Good times. Good times. I'm going to do a temporary renovation of my room before we go to NZ, seeing as I probably won't get my bedroom properly renovated until next year/year after that.
Wow...see how quickly I moved on from the writing thing then? Jess, you are so distract-able. Focus. Focus. Ok, I'm focused. Totally Focused. Oh, just one more thing though. Watched Sherlock Holmes 2 (the film) last night. Pretty darn good, I thought. Moriarty sucked though. Nobody can beat Andrew Scott's Moriarty. But, I suppose Andrew is hard to beat, seeing as he is made of epicness, win and minty biscuits. Woah, woah, woah. I was supposed to be focused?!?! Jessica Jane! For goodness, girl. You're like a flippin squirrel.  
"There was something about the city that held her captive. It was so full of life and the joy of life. It held it's arms wide open for anyone to come in and it swelled with people from every kind of background. The people in it worked and toiled, sometimes by day, sometimes by night; they rejoiced when the city prospered and the worked harder when it did not. They loved their work. No matter what it was, the people loved to smile proudly at their city (now home) and to know, even if other's did not, who was making it the envy of every other city. They returned their gratitude to this glorious place by working with a strength and a fierce energy that made the city teem with a industrious and compelling atmosphere. All of the world's eyes were watching this place - this heart of the country to see what it would produce next, to where it would soon lead. There was something about the city that held her captive. It was so full of life and the joy of life. Truth was, that is was her city."
 Not my best effort, I admit.

there. a peak in to my everyday journal. sporadic, squirrel-like, not deep, and real. if you decide to open your soul up for others to read (lol, not really. that's not my soul up there...or maybe it is...?) and put a journal entry of yours on your blog, please tell me! I'd love to read it. oh and please, someone, bring me a pumpkin spice latte forgoodnesssakeenglanddoesnthavethem whatistheworldcomingto.

love you all.
be good, journal on and put a lil lightening bug in your pocket.

xoxo jess
p.s. to get tumblr or to not get tumblr?


  1. <3 I loved reading that! :D I wouldn't mind a latte right about now either... As for tumblr, I have no clue... Oh... and don't think I didn't notice the new things you have been doing to your blog lately! :D

  2. That was great, Jess! I loved your little intro - hilarious! It sounds like me, when I'm rambling to my sister. :)

  3. This was awesome. You are so hilarious - I laughed. A lot.


    Seriously, though, if you do, look me up : jelysm93.tumblr.com


  4. Goodness gracious, that was wonderful. And hilarious. And Andrew is made of epicness, win, and minty biscuits? Fantastic.


  5. Not to sound like a creep, but I love reading other peoples journals. I've never had the ability to write profoundly, even when I try my hardest, so I always end up sounding like a dork and rip the pages out. Guess I should just keep trying! :)

  6. you're way too adorable to be legal. ;)

  7. you're so deep, jess. so deep. I think I got lost in the deepness. no literally. lost.
    hahah so I loved your dramatic piece. a lot. yup.
    it totally makes my day that you actually use minty biscuits. you have no idea.
    I blogged a piece of my journal once... about France. dunno if you saw it or not (aka, how hardcore do you stalk me?). hah.
    ah, I've been wondering the same thing about tumblr. we should do it together...?

  8. Yeah Jess, it's official. I love ya and your little cray journal entries and the way we both LOVE Moriarty. You rock and your emails rock. I'll totally fly you a pumpkin spice latte. K, I'm done. ;)

    Okay wait-- not yet. Just kidding. Yes, you should get a tumblr. I just got one the other day and I'm enjoying the way I can take my favourite pins or shots and collect them on one pretty place!

    K, now I'm really done. Ciao! xo

  9. Your blog is really the best. <3

    lol, how CAN you be that funny?
    love it.
    I've never had a tumblr (or whatever) so I wouldn't know. ;)

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


    ps- how long have you kept a journal?

    1. haha, thanks! I've been journalling every day for about 2 years, but on and off for about 10 :D

  10. I really love this, Jess darling. Really. It's minty biscuits. =) I need to journal more often. I know, pathetic right? I call myself a writer and I don't even journal. :P

    Urgh!! I was the one who got you to watch the Sherlock Holmes movie in the first place and I haven't even seen the second one yet!! Sooo not fair! *Petie makes a mental note to WATCH. THAT. MOVIE.*

  11. Jess, this was so fun to read! Just yesterday, my sisters and I read our old journals together and were laughing so much. It's hilarious to read what we wrote all those years ago.

    I love your journal, you seriously make me laugh, I loved your dramatic piece. :) I never thought of doing that myself. I want to get better at my creative writing, so that's a great idea to just simply write my thoughts out like that.

    blessings, friend!


    P.S. Oh, sadness...I guess that means you have to come to the U.S. to get a pumpkin spice latte...wouldn't that be a shame... :D

  12. I really love this :)
    And I agree - no one can beat Andrew Scott's Moriarty, ever. Period.

  13. Starbucks will offer pumpkin spice lattes on October 1!!...... we should get them together!!!!
    And by the way, I loovvvee this post!!!!!!!

    1. no way?! um, yes, I think yesyesyes.

  14. I love this so much! You're hilarious and so refreshing!
    Kimmy x

  15. dude. you have the coolest journal entries. ;)

  16. Child. How in the world are you going to have enought time to blog, twitter, read everyone else's blogs and twitters, AND tumblr, while still doing Algebra and stalking Tom Hiddleston?? I think you are right, my sweet life. You are like a squirrel.

    Also. Have you ever heard of Pumpkin Soup? Maybe it's cos I'm an outback down under Kiwi who rides her sheep to work, but I cannot for the life of me imagine a pumpkin spice latte being nice. Pumpkin + Coffee = wEiRd