12 September 2012


experimenting with inside night-time shots. no, you can't have brother, the dad is obviously a man of deep thought, and this? this is mah duck-face. bahahaha.

this post is titled, untitled. do you know why? because I couldn't think of any better word to describe this post. it's true. pass judgement on me now.

I have been crazy busy lately, resulting in me being a little MIA. I've been studying from 9am till 5-6pm, or sometimes 9pm. and that doesn't leave much time for much else, but I've been trying to squish in normal things like breathing, pilates, extra studying, sleeping and trying to sort out things before I leave england for 5 months. which means I haven't had any time for blogging. so, I'm sorry my loves. but, I did manage to squeeze in a new design for YT. I needed something fresh and I was inspired by the "magazine look." whatcha think? there a still a few things I'm adding, so bear with me.

listening // midsummer station: new album by owl city
watching // the last enemy - final episode
reading // the hiding place
inspired // by jamie delaine's photography. always, always.
loving // hey, hello, hi there (+video) - post by kinga
hating // algebra. end of story. 

yup. that is my untitled life. tell me, what are you listening too? what are you watching, reading, loving hating, being inspired by? I wanna know. coz I is nosey. and I wub you's.
so, expect more posts from me, but don't expect more posts from me. just don't expect the unexpected and expect nothing but the expected. got that? good. conversation between me and my brother.

me: damien, would you like a coffee?
damien: oh, yes.
me: would you really, really like a coffee?
damien: YES!
me: oh, good. so would I. thanks.

just thought you'd like to know about that.

love you all.
be good, tell me your untitled life, and kiss a squirrel.

xox jess


  1. Cute look! Super clean and well, just plain snazzy. ;D
    Hahah, yeah I struggle with finding a good title for blog posts. I mean, how am I supposed to sum up my whole post in a few words?? It's crazy. :)

    oh, and I'd like some coffee too, pretty please!


  2. Oh Jess, I adore you! And I've been listening to Owl City's new CD too! :)

  3. Love the new look and great job on the inside nighttime shots...I struggle with those more than anything...

    Yes, finally someone else! I am terribly at naming blog posts and you don't know how many have almost been titled "Untitled" :)

  4. I know you said they were night shots, but Damien looks like he's just got out of bed and is in desperate need of coffee. Do I need to pick up the phone and tell him off again?

  5. Ya duck gave is minty biscuits yes I can have your brother and I think daddy must be thinking about cheese.... Haha :P

  6. your posts always make me smile - you're oh-so-witty. by the way, whose gorgeous hair is that in shot #2? good luck with studying, love. xo

  7. your duckface is the BOMB-dot-com. just saying.

  8. adorable design, darling. =) and you're watching "The Last Enemy--" WHOOT! I was hoping you'd take my recommendation. xo

  9. love your pics, jess!! and the new design is fabulous. so clean and neat and simple and beautiful. hey, what's with not offering ME any coffee??? not cool, girlie. not cool. =) um, we need to skype soon, love! really! =)

  10. The Last Enemy is brilliant, isn't it? I love it so much (and not only because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it ;)
    And thank you muchly! :)

  11. GAH! gotta love you. you're just so cute and funny and make me wonder why I've never kissed a squirrel. and your duck face- so not duck face-ish, but completely and utterly cool.

  12. Love your new design Jess!!! AND I know how you feel. I've been doing school from early in the morning until late at night too. So I really haven't had any time for blogging either, so props to you for getting to do this post. :) I love it. Jamie Delaine is one of my favorite photographers too!!! I actually have planned to ask her to take my wedding photos...if, you know, I get married someday. Yeah, I like to plan ahead I guess. :)



  13. oh my goodness, i love you to bits! you are so cute, amusing and just plain awesome.
    i hate algebra. end of story too! and i'd love your conversation with your brother, exactly what i would have done! :)
    we need to get to know each other better...just curious, how old are you jess?

    1. haha, thanks! I'm 17 going on 80 ;-)

  14. I like you and your family and your new design.
    haha like a magazine. as if you're popular. as if people like you or something. hahaha that's clever, good one.