18 December 2012

oh hello, winter.

Oh hello, winter. I see you have just arrived.
How are you?
Blustery and cool as usual, I presume.

I am very warm near my fire tonight, and as I write I watch the amber sunset which you have so glibly sent me; thank you very much.

 I have seen your white snow children drifting amidst the trees, but they are shy and dash away before I can kiss them. Why are they shy, Winter? Scold them and send them again to me so we can play together.

I like your scent, Winter. What do you use? You smell of cider and Mama's cookies and fresh boughs of pine. I drink deeply of it during these months. I should like a bottle of it to use sparingly for special occasions.

How long are planning on staying, by the way? I like you very well, but it is never good to overstay one's welcome. Keep that in mind, Winter.

And please, trace your frosty fingers on the outside of my window.

much love,

Lucia is a homegrown girl from the Northwest who lives for laughter, music, people, and places.
She is an aspiring photographer + writer who muses at Lucia, Etc.

Thank you, Jess Darling, for having me! Have a splendid time adventuring in NZ. All photos copyright Lucia Marie, thank you. :)


  1. oh I love these pictures Lucia! well done. and your words are beautiful as ever.
    I hope your vacation is going great Jess! xx

  2. this is beautiful. and i'm basically swooning over that last photo. xx

  3. Oh good grief. Could this be any more perfect?! Your words are so beautiful and touching, and your shots raw.. Love love love this Lucia girl!


  4. I love that last photo especially! Such a beautiful shot, and perfect angle. your words were amazing, Lucia.

  5. these are so gorgeous, Lucia! as usual. and winter... YES. love your writing. :) xx

  6. What do you edit your photos with?

  7. oh goodness, I just love this so much!
    Lucia, your posts never cease to amaze me. <3

    and I must say: Jess, you chose the most delightful blog-nappers ever!

  8. my dear, this was extraordinary. you have such a knack for words. xo

  9. amazing pictures, and wonderful writing as always sweet Lucia!

    Blessings, friend!


  10. this is simply lovely. love the photos!

  11. The simplicity of this is wonderful; and the way you see life and capture life is just... splendid.

    xoxo Acacia //capture life

  12. ahhh, this was so wonderful! i love your photography and writing. thanks for sharing, lucia!

  13. this is so pretty. if only winter came in the same way that you see here: with cloudy skies and dark leaves and bare trees and hot drinks and etc. but texas has a different way of interpreting winter. and contrary to your winter overstaying its welcome, winter here doesn't stay long enough.
    winter's frosty fingers shouldn't trace my window, winter's lips should make out with my window. then i'd be happy. :P
    i'm going to stop before things get awkward. beautiful photos! :)

  14. ok, so, every time I see your pictures I'm like...like...woah. they are just SO beautiful! gah, and your writing is so lurvely. it makes me really feel the winter, even though I'm in summer right now. thanks so much lucia! you're minty biscuits.

  15. Beautiful, as always. <3

    Rachel Nicole