23 December 2012

twu wuv | guest post by jenn

helloooo everyone, here I am, surprise surprise, at long last!

enjoy the video.
enjoy the photos of Jess.  (she's so cute, right?)
enjoy life.


disclaimer: yeah, I had to photoshop her nose in these photos too, just to keep up her public image. I'm such a great friend.

the all-amazing Jeeves! who never left Jess's side really. he and my camera Bert got along splendidly.

typical Jess face. so presh.

aaand that's all folks! she's a cutie, that Jess, what can I say. twas fun to tell ya'll a little about myself and show you a little of Jess dear, of course. merry christmas!!

I like to make people laugh. I obsess over books and musical theatre. I love God and life and people and deep philosophical conversations and goofing off. I like Jess a lot--it's pretty much twu wuv. I'm Jennoelle, but you can call me Jenn. Come visit me at UO!


  1. UGH i love both of you so much.
    let's make plans to get together in england and go to downton abbey baker street and tom hiddleston's house. yes? yes.

  2. TOO MUCH CUTENESS IN THIS POST. Good grief! I love you two.

  3. OH MY WORDYNESS AND MINTY BISCUITS! YOU ARE JUST SO...THAT'S IT. I'M COMING TO YOUR PLACE. this vlog was beeaaautiful. mainly because you mentioned me multiple times. I mean, the rest I kinda just skipped through. also, who gave you permission to post pictures of me looking like a bum??? but I have to say thank you for photoshopping my nose. I was worried that you wouldn't. bahahahahaha, oh that bit at the end!!!! so wonderful. and the way you say my name. "jiss". yup. that's pretty much it. and yuusss, us threesome must skype soon. anyway, thanks for guest posting my little jenn de la creme! I wuv you. wiv tru wuv. becoz wuv, TRU wuv will fowow us foweva!!

    1. A BUM Jess. Really? You look flawless!
      Seriously Jenn, that's my favorite "quote" from you ever.

      Wuv.. TRU WUV!

  4. This was great! :D Very lovely, Jenn.

  5. ahhh, loved this, jenn! and it's super hilarious that you read jess's message in her accent, because i was thiiissss close to doing that in my vlog too! but it was already too long and i had been looking like a dork enough already, so i didn't need to add to it by totally botching jess's lovely little accent. :P haha! but hey, this interview was all kinds of amazing and wonderful and hilarious, and i love all your facial expressions, and hey, we should totally skype soon, yes?

  6. This was so fun, Jenn! Loved it. And we both love acting, which is awesome. What is your dream role? Ah, I would love to see Les Mis on Broadway! It's a dream of mine. :))



  7. That looks like so much fun!

    Merry Christmas,

  8. Ahhh! Love the vlog and the accent! :D The pictures are super cuteness! Lovely post!

  9. ohmygoodness you are so cool. and i have alwaaaays wanted to be on broadway too!!!!!!! sorry for the crazy amount of those little punctuation marks...but. it was necessary. anyway. i'm in theatre right now...but it's just so awkward to act / sing when my peers are watching me. i'm sooo much better when i'm performing with adults. :D ehehehe. i actually got to go to new york city a few years ago, and i saw mary poppins and wicked (AHHHH IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER!!!) on broadway. yes. my day, ehem, YEAR was made. i think we should meet someday. you, and me and jess. and we shall go to new york city and watch broadway shows and i can try coffee with you lovely darlings for the first time in my LIFE. ;)


    ps. that accent was amazing. :D ya know..i think i might play off a british accent if i ever do a vlog. then my readers will think i'm british. ;) ehehe. okaythiscommentistoolongsobye.

  10. Oh Jenn, Jenn, Jenn. This. is. awesome. I was rolling when you were impersonating Jess's accent...fabulous! Broadway and musicals: yes, yes, yes. Perfect way to spend a grand. Also, thanks for making me feel better about deriving so much pleasure from little exchanged with random people throughout the day...I was starting to think I had a social flaw, being a person who loves interacting with people I don't know in a world full of professing introvert. Yep. That makes two of us! *high five*

  11. I love how I'm randomly yelling throughout this video? lol I love you girls, Jess you have a beautiful blog!

  12. oh jenn, you are so sweet.
    lovely pictures(:
    xx Riley

  13. well, very awesome and the accent was awesome and I like the random yelling between you and your sister. reminds me of my sister. good stuff.


  14. Such a beautiful vlog Jenn!!
    I loved watching this and the photos of Jess are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!