18 January 2013

betcha thought I was dead, huh.

aha! betcha thought that I had gone clean left ya. but I didn't. I'm experiencing proper-editing-software-withdrawal-symptoms (I'm in vacation in new zealand for those who don't know). it's hard, guys. like, talk about first world problems, I mean, seriously. how am I supposed to deal with this? so I'm left with lame it'll-have-to-do online software.

talk about persecution.

meanwhile, nz is beautiful. friends are precious. family is amazing. sunshine is warm. and coffee is...coffee. my nephews and niece are the most adorable kiddos on earth. I'm glad you all agree. les mis and the hobbit. I say no more. mah pastor preached in flip flops and sunnies while he stood next to a river in the middle of a huge park last sunday. what did your's do? huh? huh? anyway. a vlog/video/thing coming up soon! prepare yourselves.

love you all.
be good, dream a dream of times gone by and hear the people sing.



  1. i would love to watch Les Miz but I've heard there are some bad parts in it. Oh well. I will just have to satisfy myself by going on YouTube to listen to the music (cuz that's all I really care about anyway!)

    Can't wait for the vlog. :)


  2. YOU'RE NOT IN HEAVEN!? You didn't die!? ...JESSYPOP! I love every single one of these shots. Urrgh, they're so good. Can I be you? You can have my Southern life and I'll have your adventurous, school-free one!

    1. VLOG VLOG VLOG = WIN! YES! Just don't show us your gorgeous view of NZ.. We have sleet here. I be jelly.

  3. bring on the vlog!! and my pastor preached inside our warm little chapel with it less than 10* outside. :) and that last picture is so dang cute!

  4. that last picture is the cutest. :) and you're the cutest. ;) and i've made a decision. moving to minnesota december-february, and new zealand...for the rest of the year. hardee har har. love ya cheesecake! &hearts


  5. duh. i knew you weren't dead. you were just chillin' with richard, right? i knew that.
    AHHHHHHHH. les mis. it was stunning. but we've already talked about that. but i can't stop talking about it. i have problems.
    goodness. so much cuteness in these pictures. that last shot? ohhhh, i just melted. and you'd be proud of me, sheep. when this post came up on my blog reader, all it showed me at first was that second picture of your nephew, and i knew exactly who he was without even having to look at whose blog that picture was on. see? aren't you so proud. yer darlin' child is growin' up sooooo quick-like. ;)
    oh, and ben says hi.

  6. you're so presh, i swear. i'm glad you're enjoying your vacay + still wish i could swap places with you. (while we're at it, my pastor can just swap places with your pastor, too. k? k.) ehehe. can't vait for zee vlog. it'll be kind of like skyping again, only i won't be yawning the-whole-freaking-time. xoxoxoxo

    ( the alcove )

  7. Aw so cute!!:) I love the last picture!!!:)

  8. So adorable, these are. Aw, your little niece looks like you! And a little Loki love here? Haha. :)

  9. you're not dead? surprise surprise! So glad your still living and breathing that New Zealand air. I wish I was. Sounds lovely down there. :) And Loki the Lego. Very awesome/funny.

  10. Loki lego...that's pretty incredible. 'nuff said.

    When I saw Les Mis I thought I was dreaming. And now, (my family can testify) I have been driving everyone mad just singing the songs. One does not simply stop singing LES MIS!

    Can't wait for the vlog!

  11. awesome Jessica. simply, plain 'ole awesome. xoxo || [ Meena ]

  12. Mm, a vacation in NZ sounds good right about now. :P Have a lovely time!

  13. New Zealand? that's just plain epic. Take it all in for us all.
    Lovely photos by the way. I love your black and whites!

  14. Hey, you never showed me the Loki thing, only the Gandalf one! That's hilarious. (Or maybe the Loki was a present for one of the children...though I'm sure it's a present you'd buy for yourself if you got the chance ;) ) I should have bought you that Thorin action figure when I was in Wellington, but I didn't because I'm Dutch. Man, the munchkins are growing up fast! I've only ever seen Dan in real life. Speaking of editing software, what *are* you using while you're over here?

  15. no more les mis mentions i'm almost out of tears please spare me feels.

  16. ''mah pastor preached in flip flops and sunnies while he stood next to a river in the middle of a huge park last sunday. what did your's do? huh? huh?''


  17. oh oh oh. les mis. best movie ever, huh? I got to see it with ma sister and momma. just us three, having a blast (bawling) in the theater. Oh yes, be jealous. ;)

    Yay for vlog/video/things! <3

  18. I love the pictures. Your nieces and nephews are adorable, for sure. And oh Les Mis. Truly one of the best things ever. As well as the Hobbit. :) Looking forward to the vlog.

    Love in Christ,

  19. These are gorgeous. GAHH. Your niece and nephews are PRESH.

  20. Ok, so your photos are DA BOMB. For reals, if that's your lame editing software...then basically, you're incredible :) Love the Lego Loki and the last picture - I have one of my cousin kinda like it :) I wanna see the Hobbit again! How 'bout you fly to Texas and we'll go see it and be all fangirly over Thorin and have the minty-biscuits-est time ever, k? Even better, I'll fly to your amazing New Zealand and die from the amazing accents :)
    It's a plan :)
    -mal ;)

  21. Ahh, so glad you posted today! I've been dying to hear about NZ and see some pictures :) And can I just say that I'm glad to know that someone out there is as obsessed with the hobbit and les mis and richard armitage as me? It's good to know I'm not alone ;)

  22. Love the last picture! Great job on all of them.
    You are sooo absolutely gorgeous! How long have you been in NZ?


  23. You're in Kiwiland again? Take me with you - I want to go to NZ!!!
    There haven't been any out-of-the-ordinary church services at my church...but of note is the fact that I'm getting rebaptized tomorrow. :)

  24. BTW, you can put download and install some photo editing programs (such as GIMP, although I doubt I'd e able to work well with anything other than PS CS5) to a flash drive and bring it with you so you can have something to use even if you don't have your computer with you.

  25. I thought I commented on this already. this is awkward. here's a comment. yay.
    (more than I love Les Mis. which almost kills me to say. but it's true. and trust me sweetheart, that's one heck of a lot of love.)

  26. So glad you're back and posing, isn't New Zealand just plain awesome?! I love it :)
    And yes, I know what you mean...nothing can be said about The Hobbit and Les Mis. The end.

  27. I didn't think you were dead. but it's really nice to have you back!
    xx Riley


    Kidding. You were sweet and kind enough to email me so I *wouldn't* think you were dead. And now we're gonna skype. And I'm so excited.

    And this post totally brought up old grudges as far as you abandoning me for NZ. I'll forgive you if you bring me that Loki lego.

  29. Seriously woman. 10 days??

    Also, I think I might have found Wooster! *does crazy dance*

  30. I recently came across your blog and I am in love with these photos...
    I am so new to blogging myself but your blog make me smile every time :)