28 January 2013

things that say a lot about people

things that say a lot about people:
the way in which they treat the waiter/waitress
how they feel about the weather
whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books
and hands in general
their preferred creative outlet
how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone
whether or not they drink coffee
if they ever forget to eat
how honest they are with themselves (and others)
if they correct your grammar
and whether or not they get nervous before haircuts.

so, I'm a little late onto this one. but I saw some people doing it and I absolutely loved it. and I said to myself, that's so minty biscuits, I'm gonna get round to doin it one day. so here is that one day. and I'm doing it. talk about living on the edge. risky livin', dudes.

the way in which they treat the waiter/waitress. 
ok, so this is a lil weird, coz it depends on the country. in northern england, the waiters/waitresses really give off those why-are-you-here-I-can't-believe-I-have-to-serve-you vibes. so you're like, ok...um. would it be a reeeallly big bother if I asked for another drink?? but in america/new zealand I love to talk with them, coz they're a lot more friendly. I mostly joke around with them or give them an extra thank you and a smile. but what I really love to do, is leave notes on the napkins for them. I do it everywhere.

how they feel about the weather.
rain is not really my best friend. I see a lot of it in england, so we're kinda not really into each other. I adore sunshine and warm weather. it's happy juice. obviously. thunder storms are my absolute favourite. I get really excited about them, guys.

whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books.
I used to be a lot more precious about these things than I am now. dog ears I don't do very often, and highlighting I will do only in certain books. but mostly I'm an old lady when it comes to them both.

on one hand, they are shorter and the other, longer (not as in that figurative turn of phrase, but literally. not as in on one hand, and then on the other...but as in on one hand and on the other. really, it's just a bunch of hands. get it? yeah.). giveaway guitar player. they're nothing special. I paint them sometimes, but then I do the dishes and I'm just like, well, that was a waste of my oh-so-precious-time. because. I mean, my time is soooo precious.

and hands in general.
I'm always cleaning them. I hate sticky hands, so I take anti-bacterial gel with me everywhere. coz I is weird. my mum says I have the cutest hands ever. can people actually have cute hands? I mean, really? cute??

their preferred creative outlet.
writing. singing. talking. designing. any of those. is it possible for singing and talking to be your creative outlet? probably not. but imma makin da rules here, kids.

how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone.
I used to hate talking to random strangers on the phone, like ringing up to order something or ask a question about a product, but I'm happy to do it now (widdle jiss is gwowing up, right? didn't think so.). and I love talking to friends/family on the phone. skype beats phone calls hands down though. amen and amen.

whether or not they drink coffee.
I literally do not think this is a valid question for me. I'm pretty sure you'd just have to look in my eyes and see coffee in there. it's in my soul. when I go out to meet a friend. coffee. when I'm at home. coffee. when I'm at church. coffee. when I'm at a friend's house. coffee.

if they ever forget to eat.
when I'm busy, I always forget. if I'm out all day, I usually only have two meals that day. and coffee. but if I'm at home, my mama usually reminds me.

how honest they are with themselves (and others).
I'm pretty brutally honest with myself. I know my faults. I know I'm bossy and that I talk too much. I know that I'm sarcastic and cynical. I know that I'm weeeeiiird and not all sane. I know that I take too long to get outta the house and I'm a lazy goodfornothing. with others...I'm not so brutal. I tell the truth to others, but I tend to put it in a....gentler way. but if you specifically ask me to tell you the truth about something, I'll give it to you.

if they correct your grammer. 

hahaha. when it comes to my family....if they write something down in a wrong way or if it's spelt wrong or written with bad punctuation, I'll tell 'em. yup. with others, not so much.

whether or not they get nervous before haircuts.
nope. can't say I've ever been nervous. if I've made my mind up to do something drastic/different, then I've made my mind up. but it usually takes me a while to get the courage to do something drastic. one day. it. will. be. the. bob. cut.

listen to a happy playlist, why dontcha. 


  1. these answers are like the mintiest biscuits ever. also, that playlist makes me oh-so-happy. (seriously, you're adorable, doll. i wubs you.) xx

  2. Love this.
    Grammar. I'm so bad... lol, I correct almost everyone. it's really bad.



  3. this is the best. I have been enjoying these so much!
    oh yes I get what ya mean about that thing how nails are short on one hand and long on another. :D I play the violin so my right hand nails are always shorter. my sister plays guitar, too:)
    and I basically live off of coffee, yesyesyes. love me some coffee.
    love the post!

    and okay so I see that you shoot with a Nikon D3100 (what, psh I wasn't creeping on your blog;) . I have been looking into purchasing the D3100!:) I am getting feedback from some Nikon people, would you say it's a good starter camera for beginners like me?:) your photography is absolutely beautiful!:)

  4. I've always hated talking on the phone. and my mom says I have cute hands cuz they're really small. lol and sometimes the waiters/waitresses here in the U.S. can be annoying and rude-ish. haha


  5. its really funny that you posted this because i have this exact same thing...saved in a draft on my dashboard. yup.
    and i always forget to eat...until my stomach makes that weird whale sound. then i'm like, "oh, be quiet...STOMACH." ;)
    i'm nervous about tomorrow's new hair-do. haha. i hope everything goes as planned or you'll burst into laughter at our skype date. 'nough said. XD
    xoxoxoxo, lindsey ♥

  6. oh, i loved reading this. :) all your answers are so fascinating (and enjoyable) to read. also, about the coffee... are they serious?! yup, yup. coffee is a given, totallyyy. ;)

    all in all, you are pretty dang awesome, k? yupyup. (favorite phrase, if you didn't notice. *ahem*)


    xo, mikailah

  7. Skype meee. I miss your accent.. and of course, YOU. Seriously though.. We've delayed this so long. I have news for you! ALSO, you are awesome for loving correct grammar!

  8. Love this. Seriously trying to talk myself up to a bob cut when I get my haircut tomorrow. The great thing about hair is if I hate it, it will be back in a few months :)

  9. okay. so. i've got a lot to say on this one. cause i'm evil like that, you know.
    so when you come back to america (cause YOU ARE COMING), you have to go to a what-a-burger restaurant. the waiters and waitresses there are always the friendliest people you'll ever meet. and they are just so fun to talk to. :)
    so on said occasion when you're back in the states, reason number 134,875 for you to come to oklahoma is because we have the most epic thunderstorms. nuff said.
    so when you wrote "widdle jiss is gwowing up, right?", you know what i immediately thought of, right? ;) bwahahahahahaha...
    so... the answer to the coffee one... YES YES YES YES YES. it's like you looked into MY soul and wrote what was there concerning the beloved liquid. amenamenamen.
    well, you're lucky. you can actually do a bob cut because YOUR hair will actually grow back in a godly amount of time. i did a bob cut three years ago, and it's just now past my shoulders again. grrr. wicked hair.
    love you, mah lil sheep.

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  11. this is perfect. the coffee, yes! and I need you to post a picture of your hands. I obsess over cute hands, I guess it's cause I hate my own hands.

  12. HANDS CAN TOTALLY BE CUTE. you probably read mine of these awhile back, but yeah hands are like a majorly attractive thing to me, haha. ahem. weird right. okay I have to hop off to class, but I loved reading this and oohhh I misss youuu.

  13. Yes. Yes. and Yes. I agree with you on all your points...except for the forgetting to eat. I don't think I could ever do that....like never. Haha. I love how real you are on your blog. I adore how you don't hide your weirdness (I can relate)...your blog is one of the very few I can identify with because you're not afraid of what people think. And THAT is as splendid as a cup of coffee itself.

  14. This is pretty interesting, and definitely pretty telling. My husband and I were just talking about that the other day actually. We watched a Jimmy Kimmel prank where parents filmed their kids' reactions when they told them they'd eaten all of their Halloween candy. Half of the kids screamed and threw fits, even hit their parents. The other half teared up or looked sad but said things like "That's okay, I forgive you. Next year though, can we SHARE my candy?"
    Definitely showed which parents were working on integrity with their kids and which ones weren't!

  15. So Jiss, seeing as we grew up together, and we're pretty much family...can I point out that you spelled grammar wrong? :P

  16. You know what, Jess? I love your style of writing is great - it's hilarious. :) (it reminds me of someone on Flickr whose writing I like a lot as well - I'll give you their photostream link on Flickr later) It would be cool if you (or your clone) actually were my cousin and lived nearby - not that I'll be seeing much of my family and relatives after next month though..
    Speaking of writing, have you ever seen my friend, Mirriam's blog before? I told her about your blog and she said she likes it. :)

    Haha, I usually catch most typos, grammatical errors, etc., but for some reason I didn't notice you misspelled "grammar" until Lise pointed it out.
    Your observation about correcting other people's grammar reminds me of me, as I've done that to other people too much (although I've usually managed to bite my tongue when it's someone outside of my family), and of Sherlock - I loved the part in one episode when he kept correcting the condemned man's bad grammar. :D

  17. hahaa this is so so so true my dear. hmmm and I don't know what you would say about my fingernails...I've hardly got any. because yes, I chew them, 17 though I am. ;) ohh and I'm w' you on the grammar subject; yesiree. (look, I used my semi-colon correctly!)and I only get nervous for a haircut because I'm not certain if they'll cut it right...but then again I haven't had a haircut in ages, so that says something.

    now then..


  18. P.S. (that first song on your playlist is one of my faves everrr.)