2 July 2013


a few snapshots of my life at the moment. it goes from doing a business plan to making coffee for the builder dudes outside. from business strategy book to making coffee. from designing to making iced coffee. from editing to making frappes. apparently I make a lotta coffee round here. 
happy to say that we've been getting sunshine (gasp! who would've thought?! in england?!) and the building work outside is going superly superly well. one might say that it's minty biscuits. which is a phrase that I haven't used for a while round here, huh? well guess what. it's back.

loving // coffee. richard armitage. hats. sunshine. coffee. letters. blueberries. skype dates. this.
learning // business strategy. graphic design. to walk in the Spirit.
doing // designing. dairy free diet. reading. planning.
reading // the fellowship of the ring. so much beautifulness in one book, guys.
watching // once upon a time series (cough*rewatching*cough)
listening // the hobbit soundtrack over and over and over. also, the honey trees.
links // three-six-five /  it's original  / the trailer / production eleven / this     

what are loving, learning, doing, reading, watching, listening to? tell me aaaallll. also want to say that I'm really really really really excited for the desolation of smaug. like, a lot a lot. please tell me I'm not the only one?

love you all.
be good, tell me all and go and kiss a chipmunk for goodness sake.



  1. I'm loving shopping with friends, watching movies nonstop, and sleeping in.

    I'm learning that friends are gifts from God, and to not take them for granted.

    I'm doing exercise and eating healthy. Or trying to at least! ;)

    I'm reading 'Longing' by Karen Kingsbury. Soo good!!

    I'm watching 'Happy Days' with the sibs.

    I'm listening to 'My Louisiana' by Chancie Neal. LOVE.IT.


  2. If you wish.. ;)

    loving: life
    learning: healthy eating habits
    doing: lifting weights, dancing, walking/running, and reading

    reading: "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis
    "Peter Pan" by James M. Barrie and..
    "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck

    watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFWm7JmBdmk

    listening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IegwHDOl3lQ

    Welcome back, Jess!

  3. The last picture is hilarious!

  4. Yes, minty biscuits is back! (You're so adorable!) And boy, I could go for a frappe (wanna send me one?) Haha. We need to video chat soon! And awesome photos.

  5. I'm reallyreallyreally excited for the Desolation of Smaug. HURRY UP DECEMBER.
    and can I kiss a dwarf instead of a chipmunk?
    remind me what the builder dudes are building!

    xx riley

  6. Well well well. Look who's still with us. Love the pictures Jessyboo, and thanks for the shout out ;) xxx

  7. we're doing desolation of smaug together. and we'll both emerge from the theater with bruised arms because OHMYGOSH IT'S BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. *punches Jess's arm*

  8. Hello, Jess! I recently came across your blog from Jennoelle's, I believe, and already I've decided it's one of my very favorites. ♥ Would you like to be friends? •-•

    "minty biscuits" is an epic phrase... I feel as if I'll remember it for the rest of my days. :D

    I'm watching THIS for the bazillionth time. DECEMBER PLEAAASSEEE I BEGGG OF YOUU HURRRYYY UPPP! And then watching the production video...I can't take this!

    Wonderful post// photography// words.


  9. desolation of smaug. ahem. I will remain calm....I am calm....I am..........SUPER EXCITED AND I HOPE I CAN WAIT UNTIL IT COMES OUT. (panic attack over)

    Yay for sunshine in England! It's raining here in Georgia (again) but it's not really storming. Just rain. Meh.
    You're watching Once Upon a Time again? YUS. Same here. That show is awesome.

  10. iknowihaventemailedyoubackyetaboutthepostyoulinkedherebutiwilliswear.
    Grant's face. now I thought for sure we sent him over to you guys so you could reform him of this weirdness? we're going to have to talk about how much we're paying you for this again, because it sure doesn't seem to be working so well.
    alsooo I really want to read the LotR trilogy again. it's been SO long. and oh also--smaug. and benedict. and...richard. ehehe.
    I was about to say that coffee is minty biscuits but minty coffee sounds gross.
    k thanks let's skype soon love you bye.

  11. k so let's just say I really like you and your posts.

  12. Hi Jess! I'm just stopping by your blog for the first time to say hi (and to let you know that you are most definitely not the only one who is super excited for the Desolation of Smaug...but from the comments above I realized you might already know that).

    Have a nice day!