13 July 2013

these are some of the crazy boys who do the building work on our house. but mostly, these are some of the beautiful faces that damien and grant make. I think they both look particularly attractive in that last one. woah now, ladies. don't all come screaming at once! settle down there! over the past two weeks we've had a builder from portugal, a joiner from ireland, a labourer and another joiner from england and then one crazed weirdo dude from america. I'd like to take this moment to point out how multi-cultural we are. also, summer here in england is veerrry very warm right now; who said it was never hot in england thankyouverymuch? I guess that it was probably me who said it, but never mind. 

things that need to be shoved out into the open:
hi, how's it goin?
we have now successfully found a good coffee shop; one to suit our coffee snob ways.
I think I'll just move to scotland.
my mind is in three hundred different places right now.
minty biscuits. just because.
I need to take my dog for a walk.
lol, kidding. I don't have a dog. so don't be ridiculous.
I woke up at 10am today. shameful.
I've had the same-themed dream two nights in a row.
my room is a mess.
yeah, your room is too, don't deny it.

love you all.
be good, stare at a peanut and then throw it out the window because it's probably evil.

<3 jess


  1. Haha, those pictures are great! Oh and don't worry, I sleep in till 10 a lot more than I should ;)

  2. Love this. You have the best sense of humor. Just saying!



  3. You're awesome, I love this.
    And just to clear a few things up, my room isn't a mess...and if it is, I can't go to sleep that night until it's spotless once again!
    Yeah...I'm like that. :)

  4. those are quite possibly some of the most incredible expressions I have ever seen. and Grant 's expression in the fourth photo from the bottom would exactly by my face If I ever went to England. Id just be like, "Wow guys, England is cool."

  5. Peanuts truly are evil.. also. I think you're cool.

  6. A crazed weirdo dude from America? It's me! :D Oh wait, I haven't managed to make it to England yet. But I'm sure you'd think I'm weird and crazy if you met me in person - a lot of people think so (as do I).

    I woke up at "only" 9:30 this morning (earlier than some Saturdays), but considering I went to sleep at past 1 and didn't get much sleep all week (going to sleep at past 11 pm and waking up before 6), I think it's understandable.

  7. Your posts always put a smile on my face. :)

  8. Love this!

    Ps. My room is a mess and peanuts are evil.

  9. I think I'll just move to Scotland too.

  10. i love the random hand in the 14th picture. AND ALL THE BRITISH FLAGS. i die. can i just move to england and live with you for a while? I MISS YOU WOMAN.
    and, er, what beautiful expressions the guys have.... :P nah, they look like they're having a great time!

  11. grant looks like an indian. word, he is so brown. get that man some sunscreen.
    I like ya'll. glad you're having a good ol' multicultural time without me.

  12. HAHAHAHA their faces tho. hilarious! (and you crack me up)

  13. I love how you capture their emotions so well! And your words about peanuts are kind of perfect.