23 July 2013


superly duperly excited about this new project/idea/thingy! my face in the thumbnail of this video pretty much says it all. sorry about the quality and altogether badly made video, but hey. I did it all in one. flippin. hour. can we please take the time to appreciate this? wordy. I have never ever made a video that is so short or one that I've edited so quickly. I think I must be ill. also, please don't get jealous of my coats hanging in the background.

love you all.
be good, comment below and goshness this is so exciting!

<3 jess


  1. You and your hand motions are absolutely adorable. Its true. don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

    As far as suggestions go...
    i would love to see a video on your top ten (or fifteen or twenty or whatever many-- I know how hard it is to actually limit these things) favourite books. that would be pretty minty biscuits. =)

  2. This is a wonderful idea and here's what I'm thinking.
    1. a video where you speak in different accents
    2. How much you love Richard Armitage and what you would do if he sat next to you in the cinema.
    3. an artsy video about the things and people you love.
    4.a completely random video about completely random things. I love randomness.
    5. something that means a lot to you.

    I cannot wait for you to do this. :D

  3. ooh this is exciting!
    So you should make a video of you singing.
    A room tour maybe?
    You should talk about your novels!
    And you should give us a tour of your favorite place to walk.

    xx Riley

  4. You are wonderful and amazing and full of RANDOMNESS dear. This challenge + you = something wonderful. Could you please please please document in a Jess like fashion what a day in your life looks like? THANK YOU. Luv ya, girl.

  5. I remember this one time you did a make-up tutorial back in 2009. Perhaps another one would be ideal? :D Up to you, but I would love to see another one.

    Take care! :hugs:


  6. JESS! You are one of the most adorable people ever. Wow. And your accent is to die for.
    I love all the hand action going on. =D I do the same thing.
    Ideas? I would love to see around where you live and the people in your life.
    And like someone above said: Something with your accents...wow. That would be awesome.
    One more thing, your eyes are....well, more than stunning.

  7. duh. you should do a video about me. OBVIOUSLY.
    (okay, that was a joke.)
    so i talk to you for almost three hours yesterday and you don't mention a word about this? k. fine. i see where our friendship stands.
    as far as video ideas...
    i wanna hear you sing.
    you and damien and grant should all do one together. bahahahaha.
    show everyone how amazingly you can do an american accent. GUYS IT'S SCARY. i think you can sound more american than i do.
    a totally random video of you doing a number of totally random things.
    boom. done. bye.

  8. I am VERY excited for this, Jess!! I lovelovelove videos :)

  9. Jess, you make me smile. I love you and your quirkiness (I can say that cause I'm quirky too. I get it, ya know? ;) and I'm SUPER excited about your weekly videos. :D

    Here are some ideas!
    1. Interview your family/ introduce them
    2. Share your favorite books
    3. talk in different accents
    4. document a fun day trip
    5. share with us something God's been teaching you. :D

    Blessings, friends!


  10. This was awesome sauce, nuff' said.
    Just love you and how fun and real and cool you are, Jess :)

    1. I wanna know more about your love for *cough* Richard Armitage. I'm a fan myself, and I'd love to hear all about it. (your perfect meet up with him, how it all started, haha! You know, the details.... ;)
    2. Some of your biggest (besides blogging) passions.
    3. Random facts about you :)

    Can't wait! I absolutely ADORE your videos. You should see my grin while watching them.

    Have a fantastic rest of your week, Jess! :)

  11. Awesome! I'm so excited, it seems more and more bloggers are getting into making videos lately :)

    (psstt if you want a REALLY CRAZY challenge, make a video a day per week. I'm going to be trying that, hopefully, before the end of the summer, and I'm probably gonna go insane.)

    1. just your thoughts on stuff
    2. the stories behind some of your things

    And I will tweet at you incessantly if you fail to make a video, ever. Just so ya know. Gotta keep ya on track ;)

  12. omigosh, youre the cutest thing EVER.

    okay, so i want tours. yep. of anything. house, worksite, town. everything. yup.

    seriously cant wait.



  13. Yay yay yay! Your videos always make my day, and I can't wait to see more of them! Ideas... Hmmm

    1) ya know those videos where you like speed them up really fast for most of it, and then slow down sometimes to talk??! Yeah, one of those, around your town... Ya know like Thisismewalkingsuperfastdownthisawesomestreetnearmyhouse and this, in normal time, is the coffee shop where I go for coffee and minty biscuits.
    2) I know everyone's saying it, but accents. Particularly French and American ;) my sister and I still quote your French accent from your last video! Lol #creeperstatus
    3) more about you! I'm a pretty new follower, and sometimes I get confused about who's in your family, where you live (thanks for clearin that up!), whether or not your working right now, ya know, basic life stuff
    4) your home, and especially your room. I'm a house junkie, andI love seeing other peoples spaces
    5) childhood memories. Yeah.
    6) something really random. Not like a video of you saying a bunch of random things (although I love those too), but something more along the lines of a five minute dissertation on bananas. Or the basic rules of polite conversation in Yugoslavia, or ya know something like that...
    7) something spiritual is always a good idea!
    8) an entire video mocking Americans. Is it weird that I enjoy people making fun of me??
    9) oh snap. I forgot my last one! Oh well... You get the picture, just be your awesome self and it will be awesome!


  14. Hey, weren't you going to make some vids of your witchy health stuff?

  15. Three cheers for weekly videos! I'd love to see videos about (1) your favorite books (2) a day in the life of Jess ;) (3) how you make your coffee. :)


    I agree with Petie. You should do a video about her and spill all the beans. ;)

    Seriously though-- singing, witchy hippiness, and what it's REALLY like to live with Horatio. The end.

  17. Yea!!! I can't wait!!! A video about your favorite books would be so minty biscuits...


  18. WOAH GOSHNESS. I just love everytime you do a vlog!

  19. Yeah! I can't wait to see them! I think you should talk about your favorite movies/TV shows in one!

  20. Okay comment #2 :)
    I want to second Joanna's about what you would do if you met Richard and Petie's about the accent :)
    mal :)

  21. Umm...I think you should be making a video about raising money so that Jenn and I can fly across the ocean and visit you all as well. That's what I think. Yep. ;)


  22. I want to see my brother in it before he leaves. yes? yes. mhmmmmmm. that is my only request.
    that and no 17 minute long vlogs. I mean, let's be real. not even your accent can save you after that long.
    let's skyyyype I miss you!

  23. ahhh! how exciting! this is an awesome idea! cannot wait to see the videos you do (because your vlogs are always THE best!).

    you could do videos about your favorite books. or you could give a little tour of where you live (like your town?). makeup or hair tutorials? :)

    fun stuff. :)

  24. I think you should do a video where you read your favorite chapter from a book--you know, let's go all out; read your favorite chapter or passage from the Lord of The Rings while doing your best impressions of each character. If that's not a challenge, I don't know what is. If you do, puhlease include bloopers.

    So excited for your videos, girl!



  25. Basically all of the above if you please! ^ ^