30 September 2013

ah this girl. savannah all kinds of sweet and lovely and silly and funny and real and genuine. you think you might know what she's going to say next, then out she pops with something unexpected, which is something that I love. she loves hats and baking and dickens and writing and superhero films and blankets and kids. oh, and she is a baby-snatcher. she see baby, she hold baby. she's relaxed and cheerful and loves the Lord and has a heart full of serving and love. but also, she has her lil wicked side, her sarcastic streak, so she's practically perfect in every way. she keeps me sane as I live in england, she sings random songs with me, she encourages me, she tells me off for matchmaking, she's wonderful and I love her to bits. so, come up and see me again soon, zivvy (I only wished we lived a bit closer)? anyway, we decided to do a little photo shoot, only it was raining hello england thorn in my side, so we did an inside one.

love you all.
be good, video coming soon (ish) and which is your favourite.
<3 jess
p.s. as I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I haven't done any videos for the past three weeks, but I'll (hopefully) be doing one soon! I've moved out of my room/most of my house and everything is sorta packed away, but for you guys? I will die trying! well. maybe not. what? you want me to die?! gosh, guys. that's...rude.


  1. haha, yes, jess, you must die if theres no video soon.
    gosh, kidding girl! dont take things so seriously! ;) ;)

    such a beauty, right here. love these pictures. and those eyes. wow


  2. Like, the cutest photos...EVERRRRR. :O

  3. oh, gosh. she's seriously the cutest. and i'm so stealing her sweater.
    i would love if you died trying to make us a video, erm. i meant i would love to have another video. (i honestly don't want you to die because if you did then i couldn't listen to your utterly gorgeous and epic accent and laugh till i cried over your blog posts and vlogs in general. okay, that was brutal. but really. don't die.)
    xx. marcia.

  4. love this indoor photo shoot sooo much! too hard to pick a favorite because they are all pretty adorable. :)

  5. awh she is cute cute cute. and that light is so pretty! my house does not have much pretty light, but then, probably half of your house is knocked down, right? ;) LOVE YOU MISS YOU BYE

  6. is it just me or is the eleventh picture the cute sheep face??
    and i TOLD you what to do for your next video. harrumph. but you never listen to me... *sad sheep face*

  7. These are all so adorable. :) Love them.

  8. I love these, you did such an amazing job. The lighting is so pretty. And her hair and eyes are so beautiful!

  9. gurl, these are soooo lovely! and guess what?! i sent your letter today. yes i did. it's been around for two months.