16 September 2013

and now you're thinking, why in name of thor is jess showing me these random pictures of random people? well, to be fair, a lot of these people are random to me too, coz I have no idea who some of them are. but anyway. these are some pictures that I got from my grandma's attic one day. I liked them, so I scanned them in and got rather jealous of the bridesmaids' hair and found out that the first picture was titled "anne and me" which I thought was rather delish and the fact that those girls are so young to be in the army and I also laughed over the fact that the lil kid's expression in photo three is epic. you go, kid. so basically, I just wanted to share some pictures that are fifty to sixty-five years old and yes, some of them are my extended family and if I were to choose any to be my friend, it would be that little wee lady in the fur coat (on the far right in the last picture). do you feel full of knowledge now? haven't you just learnt so much? I'm so happy that I can add to this world in such an inspiring and intelligent way. ok. good. glad we had this little chat.

love you all.
be good, go into your grandma's attic and who would you be friends with.
<3 jess
p.s. what would you guys like my next video to be about?

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  1. LOVE this. Hmm, I'd LOVE your next video to be a makeup/hair tutorial! Just show us what products you use and how you use them... :)


  2. Obsessed with the pictures, Jess. I absolutely love old photos :)

  3. Aw, these are so cool! Unfortunately, my allergies are so bad, that there is no way I could go into my grandmas attic and not die. But someday! I shall conquer them, I shall!

    In the meantime, you could do a video about a normal morning in your kitchen, and hide the camera somewhere so that people don't know you're ta taking a video. Or something.


  4. i think i'm in love. these are so beautiful. i have such a sweet spot for old photos.
    as for a video, a list of all-time favorite songs or current favorite songs.

  5. Old photographs enchant me so much too...and you found them in your grandma's attic.

  6. These are all so beautiful. It's always so neat to look at old pictures. There's so much you want to know about the people on them.

  7. i totally should ransack old stuff sometime and blog about it. great idea, jess :)

    i've nominated you for the versatile blogger award here: http://a-flyleaf.blogspot.sg/2013/09/blog-award-and-cool-stuff-like-that.html

  8. These photos. They make me happy. Another.

    In other news, WITCHY HIPPINESS. Hear my request oh chum of mine.

  9. Hey Jess, we haven't talked in ages...can you please somehow tell me which is the right email adress that you use right now so I can write you there? Mine didn't change...And you don't need to publish this comment ;) Love, Kristi <3

  10. Thank you for sharing! I simply love old-fashioned things and these pictures are so beautiful!

    Lady Eowyn

  11. Old photos are my favorites. I staple them onto my walls.

    and hey, Jess, COME BACK! I miss you!!!! this blog world needs you. seriously.

    that southern girl named Jennifer