25 October 2013


heyheyhey kiddos! a little late, a little sorry and a little crazy. this video honestly doesn't make much sense, but hey, it's a video, right? so, this is just a bit of my life. I live in a house that being hugely renovated, so it's very much a building site right now, for those of you who didn't know. and the random guys who appear on this video are my brother, our joiner and our labourer, so, show them some love coz they do a lot of work. I hope you enjoy this psychedelic video and I definitely didn't have enough coffee in me and ooh look bloopers. also, try not to be jealous at my rather delish vlogging skills. I know, I know...professionalism abounds! does anyone want to go out for coffee and watch the world go by and talk of profound, sweet nothings? I thought so. anywho, I might not be able to do a video next week, depending on what day my lil niece decides she wants to arrive on, because babies are ridiculous like that and they just come when they come. psssh. typical.

love you all. 
be good, pick on the builders, and make brownies.


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  1. Hahaha!!!!
    So many beautiful accents!

  2. oh my gosh this is the best thing ever.
    they just keep getting better! you are the best ever in videos. #justsayin
    did i just use a hashtag. oops #sorrynotsorry

  3. oh em gee! your lil baby niece is coming soon! eeps! babies! (don't be too evil to her, dear.)
    the way you say frustrated/frustrating is really cute. (though maaan I'm the same way with design--it just never is exactly as it was in my head once it materializes which makes me think there must be better. yes yes. I know that feel bro.)
    hehe I just love how random this is, you make me smile. and there's...sunshine? in england???
    fyi Grant was making fun of manchester accents the other day because someone told him he should have picked one up and he was like "NUH UH."
    can we have brownies together, maybe? yes good.

  4. you are so randomly wonderful and I'm really glad you don't script your videos, cause I would hate to miss any spontaneous Jess moments. Awesome sheep, by the way.
    And that Katy Perry song is overplayed. It comes on the radio, and then I have it in my head all day long. I try everything. Counting backwards from one hundred, playing twenty different songs. Scaring myself. Scaring someone else. Talking to myself. Nothing seems to work.

  5. Hey! I'm Skyler, and I'm kinda new to the blogging world. Check me out?