22 October 2013

some pictures from sunday. basically, we grabbed some rugby boys, bribed our builders, hired some lifts to help us out and put the steel beams in place. all of which you were desperate to know. so much of my life right now is building and builders and tools and hard hats and steel and wood and bricks, that my photos are getting incredibly practical. as in, 'jess, can you take a picture of this pipe please.', which is fine and dandy coz I know it needs to be done, but dagnabbit it gets on mah nerves sometimes! so, sunday proved to be a challenge in the fact that I needed to take pictures (the rugby clubs wants publicity hooray), but I wanted to be creative. lemme tell you, creativity isn't really a word used on a building site filled a bunch of builder/rugby dudes. nope. nada. zilch. and any other words that are just as useless that may emphasize my point. so. to end this completely and utterly pointless story: I quite like hard hats.
this is what you get when jess has been sick for a nine days and been surrounded by crazy builders and eaten more sour candy in a week than is probably good for her. on that note, I'm back to vlogging this week soquickhideeveryone. 

love you all.
be good, send me some gold bullion and exciting design schtuff is comin.

xox jess

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  1. These are all so great, Jess. I really love that the pictures tell a story. :) Definitely creative.

  2. you sure did do a great job making this creative! what a cool way to document this.
    love the editing and the tones + contrast.

    exciting design schtuff make me excited. ;D

    hope you feel better soon! :\

  3. Well, with what you had available, you did an utterly fantastic job.
    kidding of course, not about the good job thing, but, well... i'm going to quit while im still ahead... am i ahead?

    either way...


  4. I think your photos are just so much fun and definitely creative....like the silhouettes and the different angles you used.

    Looking forward to your next vlog!


  5. whyyy did I just now see this?? (obligatory comment even though it's late ahem.) sunday was the day we skyped, yes? so you were obviously hard at work. ;) buuut for realz that was lovely. love that last photo. love you. amen.