16 October 2014


london london london. you're probably thinking, 'shuddup already jess', but hey. if you're gonna post about london, three posts is the bare minimum. or something. I think. actually I'm talking rubbish. so. day four + day five. day four was our theatre day, which was tremendously exciting in every possible way (and impossible way). me and petie went to see phantom of the opera in the afternoon (first time for petie) and then me, damien and petie went to see les mis in the evening (first time for me and damien) and goshamighty what an amazing day of utterly fantastic amazing wonderful indescribable splendidness! not to mention the fact that we got to take a picture with the guy who played the phantom (guys guys guys his voice was so incredibly incredible). remembering back, we also went to covent gardens, china town, trafalgar square, piccadilly circus, all of westend and also another new zealand coffee shop (yes we searched them out because we are fantastic). then on day five, we went to the british museum to explore it's wowness (and boy oh boy is it wow) and to regent park (which is huuuuge). and that's where we hung out before we caught our train back home! so all in all, our five day london trip was successful and delightful and wonderful and I'm so glad we were able to go and God is so good. we had many, many conversations about all sorts of deep and meaningful things and despite me getting a cold half way through (what why did coffee fail me I thought it was supposed to build up my immunity or something), I had the most tremendous time with the brother and my lil pipsqueak, petie. so. ready for an onslaught of posts about norwich, edinburgh, stockport and the lakes? good good. don't complain. ok. 

love you all.

p.s. part one + two of london. because you know you wanna.

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  1. Oh Wow! I just LOVE these! :D
    How was Phantom and Les Mis? Les Mis is in Australia at the moment and I have brought tickets!!!!! XD

  2. These are such beautiful pictures, Jess! I can't wait to hear your adventures in Scotland. :D

    Someone catch me. *faints*
    Oh by the way, (and I think someone's asked you this before :-p) what camera do you use?? It makes everything look so special. (Not that it ISN'T special.)
    I love the picture of Damien with the Chinese lanterns. Reminds me of blind bankers and whatnot, haha.
    Ohhhh, I am sooo moving to England. Tomorrow. Mind if I tag along? XD
    Love from Kentucky

  4. POTO and Les Mis all in one day. I am utterly jealous ;-P

  5. gahhh LOVEEE. everything about this post. and I mean I know, lamest comment ever right buuuut I haven't commented for agesss so the very fact and reality that I AM COMMENTING should make up for my lack of eloquence hehehehe sooooo beautifulllll you ladies and your city areee :D xoxox

  6. Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis both on the same day?!?! That sounds amazing!! I love these pictures! It looks like you guys are having a splendid time!