28 October 2014


one thing that you notice when you first go to norwich is how colourful it is. the buildings! the green fields! the markets! the shops! we went to norwich for four days, and stayed with some friends who are so much fun and great to be around. also. we found an amazing coffee shop (if you ever need coffee shop recommendations for british cities, let me know coz haha oh coffee), because that's what we do. me and petie spent our days walking around norwich, searching through the (what seemed like endless) book shops, drinking coffee, taking pictures, spending time with the girls (pictured above. heh look at them cuties) and going out for tea (um hello bakewell tea what amazingness) and brownies. we got up at dawn on the last day to do a fashion shoot with the aforementioned girls and had such an ridiculously fun time making goofy faces and taking ugly selfies (we are pros, I tell you) and also being very cold (can't wait to share the shoot!). so yes. norwich is a winner. 

love you all.

p.s. remember the q&a video last week? well, we did a follow up (a lil bit longer + more elaboration on some questions) video. see it here!

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  1. these photos make me want to cry. i want to come to England!

    xo, rn

  2. How beautiful! Your pictures are gorgeous. I'm dreaming of coming to the UK in January, so seeing the pictures of all your adventures has been quite inspiring. Also, I really enjoyed the Q&A.

  3. Oo, I've always wanted to go to Norwich...<3
    BEAUTIFUL shots. Petie is gorgeous.

  4. Oh mah wordy. You guys are just gorgeous & lovely & I want to come to Norwich...
    And the extended-questions vlog is just what I need right now. Thank you so much.

  5. beautiful pictures. norwich seems like a lovely place to visit! x


  6. dangggg, these are amazing. yeah, give me a second, I'm booking a ticket, like now.
    and can i just say if anybody rocks a pixie, petie does. literal rockstar.
    like that first photo. I CAN'T EVEN is a very appropriate response.

  7. Okieeee so I'm like *this* close to just impulse buying a one way ticket to England. Jess, these are just lovely. My favourite is the black and white of Petie in the cathedral. It feels very quiet and contemplative. Isn't the architecture of the past amazing? The cathedrals were built so that we could feel how tiny we are in comparison to God - and boy, did they succeed!! I see shots like these and they just take my breath away.

    Sweet follow up vid too, sounds like someone's been reading 'Respectable Sins' ;-)

  8. P.S. That food truck is perfection :-D