3 November 2014


so. petie left me this morning to go back to her oklahoma people and I'm terribly sad and sad and sad, so to cheer myself (and all of you because you're sad with me, I know) up, I thought I'd post this video, because it makes me laugh so much. we did a 'how well do we know each other' tag and uhhhh...we failed. miserably. apparently we know nothing about each other. I have another post coming up about petie + our time together these past few months, but for now, enjoy this video and also send me coffee + candy + warm hugs coz I need them. also, I feel like america is a good place to go to...like, soon.

love you all.

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  1. Hhaahahah that video is priceless!! Super funny!! :D
    Also *Sends coffee, candy and big hugs from Australia* I really appriciated seeing both of you explore England (With Damian too!) I am sad, but SO glad you guys got to meet!! We must email soonish (if you have time!)
    Hugs hugs and more hugs!
    ~Evie (PS I have a new blog! :D)

  2. Hahahaha ohhhh this made me laugh. Quite a lot. So what was your favourite candy anyway?

  3. *hugs* Oh man, it's sooo hard when a friend abandons you! You two are the cutest and I've loved following you around on your adventures :)

  4. Your video is soooo funny! It's so sad that you guys are separated now. :( You need to get her back there for more Jess/Petie shenanigans! :) Or you could go visit her!

  5. I was grinning the whole time! glad you gals had a good time. and thanks for all the blog post updates!

  6. only a good place if you swing by Wisconsin and visit me, of course...

    also, you guys are really cute, and this was an enjoying thing to listen to on the way to school today. um yes.

    xo, rn

  7. This video is so awesome! I've been following your adventures on instagram and it looks you like two had a wonderful time!!

  8. this is literally my favorite thing right now.

  9. you guys are the actual best <3 <3

  10. here's coffee, candy and hugs! that. video. is. great.
    love you two!! (: