12 January 2015


the lawsons are such delightful people. when they asked me to do their shoot right before they left to go back home (to murica!), I was super excited (also can we take time to appreciate how good looking they all are.). their happy cheerfulness is contagious + they have a love for coffee that makes my heart sing (the conversations we have had about coffee though. so good.). I knew them before they had their wee one (who's now nearly four months!), and I've loved seeing them grow into an adorable + fantastically tight-knit little family. their love for their daughter is so visible (lost count of how many times they said how cute she was or how many times they reminded each other that she's their daughter. can I put them all in my pocket.) and being in their home to photograph that was such a privilege! oh, and I almost forgot. I couldn't have done the shoot without lady, their adorable dog (what a perfectly beautiful little lady...c'mon tell me you've watched it) who was very willing to help me eat the chocolates that were so kindly offered to me (dogs. always thinkin about other people. so selfless.). I'm gonna miss these kids + america is luckylucky to get them back.

love you all.

p.s. I'm going to be doing a q+a post on here soon, if you have any questions (serious ones, strange ones, silly ones, super ones, alliteration for the win ones.), then ask away, dearies! either on here, or any of my links below. can't wait to see them (you guys always ask such superb questions)!

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  1. Have you ever been to some kind of ball? Do you take delight in a dance?
    What are your opinions on Jane Austen?
    On a scale of ten, how horrible did you think that Matthew-Crawley-death-scene-ending was? (I expect you've seen Downton Abbey.)
    Do you cry over books?

    Hah. I guess these questions belong to the 'strange' category.

    ~ Naomi

    PS I recently started following your blog, through Petie's. I normally don't really enjoy photography blogs, but this one is one of the exceptions. Also, I love your sweet quirky smile. :-)

  2. these pics are perfect and you really did a good job with capturing their life!

    here's a few random questions . . .

    1) have you ever taken the Briggs Myer personality test? if so, who are you? :)
    2) what's your fave thing to do to relax?
    3) since you mentioned coffee . . . do you like cream and sugar? what's your go-to drink?

  3. Love these shots, Jess! So good! And the baby's eyes. What stunners. So adorable! ^_^

    I'd love to know how you go about these lifestyle shoots. Do you just let the family be and just capture as you go, or like with the picture of them in the room and the dad looking up at the camera, did you tell him to look up at you? I'm sure there's some direction involved. I'm just curious how you go about it.

    God bless!


  4. gorgeous photos Jess! the baby's eyes! Lady is soo sweet!

  5. brava! brava! this is probably my favourite family shoot you've done. such lovely shots and WHAT CUTE PEOPLE OH MY GOSH. bah, why would I need to ask you any questions?? I ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. heh heh. ;) nah, I'll try to think of soooomething to ask you. like what's your favourite type of candy or your favourite brand of new zealand coffee or everybody you've ever had as your phone screen lock or... wait. have we already covered these?? ;) ;)

  6. so cute!

    can yuo please give a like to my picture, it's a compatition, thanks!

  7. What a sweet couple. Such a beautiful mama. And that baby is adorable. Lovely captures, Jess.

  8. Oh this are wonderful photos. Love love! Baby is so cute.

  9. lovely photos, Jess. They are a beautiful family!

    what is a book that makes you cry?
    If I were going to New Zealand what is one place or thing that you would insist that I visit?
    Do you journal and if so, what kinds of journals do you go for? (i.e leather, hardbound, cutesy with your favorite band members on it? :)
    What is your favorite poem?