22 January 2015


the lake district (if you're wondering, this is post 31, 298th of mine + petie's travels around england together. ok, so maybe more like 10th). it's one of my favourite places in england (even though it rains three hundred + sixty-four days of the year). it's full of stone cottages + stone walls + tiny shops + villages hidden away in the hills + lakes around nearly every corner + tea shops galore +  kendal mintcake + hikers + the freshest of fresh air (as opposed to normal fresh air.). we stayed with a fantastic family, who I've known for ages (and are as equally as crazy as we are) and love dearly. we spent our days in the lake district getting soaked (more like, drenched), kinda (sorta) getting a teensy bit lost, drinking elderflower cordial by the river, catching wee buses that travelled through all the main villages and walking around windemere lake and making up stories in kendal castle and gaping at grasmere's hills and getting coffee in ambleside and accidentally catching the wrong bus and sitting on stone walls in the sunshine and searching for kendal mintcake and talking about everything (and anything) and praying together in the quiet moments and deciding that we should definitely move there and playing games with the kids and drinking coffee and watching movies. it was a relaxing but definitely adventurous few days of fantasticness. petie was particularly gob-smacked (if you don't know what that is, then look it up you heathen) by grasmere and how utterly gorgeous + tiny + majestic + adorable is was (actually, I was gob-smacked too). we both agreed that it was our favourite village in the lake district and made plans for her + her family to move there (no but, really, they should do that, right?). we ended the trip with hot paninis in a lil cafe + chai tea in a wee tea shop, because that's all trips should end. agreed? agreed.

love you all.

p.s. don't forget I'm going to be doing a q+a post on here soon, so if you have any questions (serious ones, strange ones, silly ones, super ones, alliteration for the win ones.), don't forget to ask! coz I'm expecting ridiculously amazing ones from you all. so don't fail me.

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  1. I've decided I'm moving to the Lake District someday. :) Okay? Okay!!

  2. The Lake District is my dream of dreams vacation. These photos are lovely. I am glad you had a wonderful time.

    *tip toes away to add gobsmacked to my list of words to remember and use*

  3. This is why I am moving there! :D
    Questions for you Jess:


    Don't freak out.. Silver Ferns vs The Wallabies? (Rugby Leage)
    If you are a Rugby fan? If not that was SO embarrassing
    What is the thing you miss most about NZ?
    If you bumped into Richard Armitage what would be the first words you said to him?

  4. Great photos! i love them!
    question: during the Rugby World Cup do you go for England or the All Blacks? (:

  5. Here are my questions!

    How do you recommend getting more followers on your lifestyle blog if you have good photos and content? How did you get so many followers? Any tips for photographers?

  6. ohmyword I had completely forgotten about us making up those crazy stories at kendal castle. XD XD XD ahhhh such good, good times. ALSO STOP POSTING SUCH BEAUTIFUL PICTURES CUZ THEY'RE MAKING ME WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW. ugh, grasmere, why you so perfect. ugh, lake district, why you so wonderful. yup, I just want to live there.

    okay, OKAY. since you're practically begging, I will ask a question or two... ummmmm... gosh, don't I already know everything about you?? okay but seriously, I would love to know the whole process behind your lifestyle shoots; what equipment you generally use, how you decide where to shoot, how you direct your subjects, just anything and everything pertaining to those kind of shoots! :)
    also, if you had to choose to drink only one type of coffee (americano, latte, flat white, etc etc) for the rest of your life, which would you choose.

  7. Hey, Jess! My two questions:
    1) what are the top five places to visit on your bucket list?
    2) what book has affected you the most as a believe (other than the Bible, obviously :)?

  8. Oh my word, the Lake District is stunning!!! Nice work :-)

  9. Whoa! Well done! Such beauty captured meticulously. You've managed to entice me to consider spending a few weeks exploring the country you're currently calling home. Maybe one day when I actually own more money than I owe I'll be swinging past your place. What delight that would be!

  10. my friend and I just sat here and talked about your great pictures and were jealous of your adventures.

  11. Oh mah wordy. You girls are just so gorgeous and awesome. :-)
    My questions:
    Favorite beauty product?
    Favorite five scenes of Sherlock?
    Hopes for the year?

  12. Here's another question:

    Tell me about your faith!

  13. Those hills look like they are just longing to be climbed and the villages...! All right, I believe I am now officially in love with the Lake District.

  14. Lovely photos! :)