1 May 2015


so. the hobbit party. if you didn't know, we hosted a hobbit party last weekend. if you follow me on instagram or twitter, you would probably have seen a lot of random pictures and things pertaining to this auspicious event! everyone was required to come in costume (and if you didn't bring a costume, you'd have to bring a beard), and to ready themselves for the watching of the battle of the five armies (because it's seriously something you have to prepare for). we prepared loads and loads of food and pumped out bucket loads of coffee (ok, so, damien pumped out bucket loads of coffee...) and had a hilariously ridiculous quiz and then died all over again as we watched the last hobbit movie. we did tons of diy stuff too, like my sister's wow painting of thranduil + my mama's oh-my-gosh painting of smaug + savannah's super yummy lonely mountain cookies + looooaads more fantastic things. but the vlog basically shows you everything (that is, if the three hundred pictures in this post haven't), so I hope you enjoy it and get to see how completely bonkers we all are (also, side note: I suck at vlogging. just warning you. sorry.). also, I really wish you guys could've been there...how amazing would that have been? so yeah. the hobbit party was terrifically, wonderfully, hilariously + ridiculously marvellous and I'm so glad we did it. I could definitely do more of these. 

love you all!



  1. This is only the COOLEST THING EVER



  2. Looks like so much fun! Definitely inspiring to have one of my own. ;) Great post, Jess!

  3. YES. The amount of nerd -er- fandom in this post is overwhelming and fantastic. Also WOW YOUR FAMILY CAN DO ART. So snazzy. ^.^

  4. I enjoyed your video so much! I loved your costume and your beard, haha. And WOW. Your mom and sister painted those???? THEY ARE BEYOND MAGNIFICENT. How can your whole family be so talented?

  5. This looks amazing! Gah, I would've killed to be there. The costumes are so perfect.
    Your family's drawings are amazing, by the way. Talent seems to run in the family. :)
    xo Adi

  6. THIS IS THE BEST THING. Actually the best thing.

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    1. Whoops, it's actually "Emily Blakeney", but my sister's one is signed in! :)

  8. I love you guys. a lot. that's all.

  9. this. this is why you are one of my favourite bloggers!! xD

  10. The epicness of this is kind of killing me. You're the coolest.

  11. THAT'S SO COOL!!! That is now my dream to go to something like that. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :)

  12. Hi Jess,
    I hope that all your family is well over in England.
    I had a job interview yesterday as a chef, cooking on site at the Hobberton movie set.
    I hear back later in the week if I am successful.
    Love the photos, would love to keep in touch.