9 April 2015


the dao family are some of my favourite people ever. they are so real + genuine + kind-hearted + ridiculous + wonderful + fun + Jesus-focussed. their lives are such a picture of serving and being obedient to the Lord; it's a privilege to be able to know these guys. but for a lil backstory, we knew him before he liked her and so we got to watch like turn to love and then poof! he popped the question. we might've also played a part in a small trick that he played on her involving a plumbing connector as a fake engagement ring...but we can neither confirm nor deny this accusation. then they got married (adorable ceremony filled with adorable people) and a couple of years later, this wee button was born! and boy oh boy is she cute. like, look at that face. so when they asked me to do mini session of her + them, I was so excited! and I'll always have a special place in my heart for brown eyed babies, coz obviously brown eyes are amazing (you'll never guess what colour my eyes are). so, I think the dao family are awesome + being with them makes me happy + they better stick around coz I kinda like them a lot.

love you all!


p.s. did you guys see my new website + the giveaway that's happening? go check this post out!

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  1. Oh my, SO cute!! And that last picture.....adorable. Simply and utterly adorable.

  2. ohmygosh. the first outift. so so so so cute.
    this entire post is basically a cuteness overload.