22 March 2016


1. travel with an open mind. this is probably one of the most important (I think), so I'd say it deserves first place. don't compare everything to what you know! so often I hear people say, "back home, we have better such + such" or "where I'm from, we never do it that way". it doesn't matter where you're from, this is a completely different place! the more you travel, the more you realise that comparing countries/cities simply robs you of the pleasure of just appreciating them. enjoy it for what it is, not for what it's not! basically, less comparison: happier travels. amen. also, don't be a buttface: stop complaining. phew, so glad I could get that off my chest. thanks for listening guys.

2. walk everywhere whenever possible. I know that it's not always possible, but if you're staying in a city or even the country-side, make time to walk around! you'll see so much more if you walk and go down streets and pass by markets and go into shops and people watch and journey through the place as if you were a local. you'll smell new smells, see sights that tourists never would, face new experiences, hear new sounds, taste new foods, and get a feel for what it's like for the people who really live there! there's nothing like leaving a place and being able to say you walked the whole city or village or town or mountain. I mean, you might feel like your feet + legs are gonna drop off by the end of it, but it's so, so worth it.

3. look up local independent coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants. before we go anywhere, whether it's a new country, city or county, we alway always look up the best local places to go for coffee, snacks and meals. coz coffee + food are obviously important amiright? chain coffee shops and restaurants are great if there's no other option or they happen to hold your favourite festive stuffing pasty (don't judge me. greggs is dang good.), but local independent shops? they're the best. more often than not they use local products, and they're run by locals who have a passion for what they do. so before you journey off yonder? find out the local independents who will make yonder so much better.

4. travel light. don't overpack. if you find yourself wondering whether you'll actually need that item, you probably don't. I only ever pack two pairs of shoes when I go somewhere (but a majority of the time I only pack one), because you simply don't need more than that! yes, pack everything you need, but don't allow yourself to overthink things, or you'll find your whole wardrobe + possibly your sister's wardrobe stuffed into an overburdened suitcase. aint nobody got time for dat.

5. don't stress. it's so, so, so easy to get stressed out when you're travelling. you have crazy time schedules, flights to catch, tickets to buy, you're in a new place, you might not know the language, etiquette isn't the same, dress code could be different and damn it all, they don't even know how to make your coffee the way you like it. yes, always be on time if you can. yes, be smart about buying tickets, booking accommodation + doing things cheaply (unless you're a millionaire. in which case you can buy the whole dang airline). but don't stress about little things! who cares if you miss a bus? who cares if the accommodation doesn't include a spa + a balcony? who cares if you didn't get that perfect picture? if you miss your train and end up talking to a local about life and food and what Jesus has done for them, would that really be worth stressing about? in such cases as these, I really do believe in the song: don't worry, be happy! 

that's all for now folks! have you got any travel tips? comment below + share them! 
love you all.


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  1. Amen Sis. Preach it. You missed NO. 5.
    Always take 50x the expected amount of money!

  2. Haha, this was really good, Jess. :D
    I wish I had tips to add to this, but I haven't been travelling outside of my own little Australia yet. ;) I dream about travelling someday, though! If I ever do, I'll have to remember your wise words of wisdom. ;)
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Our country is huge though when you think about it

    2. Haha, truuue... I've barely (if that) travelled across half of it. :P
      ~Miss Meg

  3. Beautiful pictures! :)


  4. This is so good! Making me want to travel again though!

  5. This is making me so excited for summer! Will start looking up independent shops now!

  6. Fantastic tips. I particularly like 1 and 2. You miss so much when you spend time comparing a place to your hometown or other places that you've been before. Soak up every new experience and enjoy it for what it is! Also, walking not only save you money but affords you so many more opportunities to get lost, find places you wouldn't have found, really feel the rhythm of a new place, and meet locals. Also, I find that it is often far less stressful than navigating the public transport.

  7. YES cannot agree more to all of these points! Thank you for sharing! xxx

  8. Great words and pictures! Just about to head to New Zealand for the very first time tomorrow (!) for a couple of weeks and thought of you. Love your blog! x