8 February 2016


collaborate. I feel like I've said that word so much lately. I've been collaborating with businesses, creatives, individuals, brands, you name it. and I can't say how much I love it. one of the most recent (and is still going!) collabs is one I'm doing with seven other creatives/business owners/entrepreneurs and my oh my it's been wonderful, brilliant, hilarious + all the good words! it has brought about friendships, crazy conversations, ridiculous nicknames and fabulous creative community. we call ourselves #thecollaborators2016, because we wanted to sound cooler than we actually are. we're doing a four week series on instagram covering the inside life of a creative/business owner/entrepreneur, showing people what we do day to day, what we love + hate about working from home, how we balance work + personal life and what our hardest day of the week looks like (coughmondaycough). if you haven't seen any of the posts from the series yet, go and check them out on instagram! I'll link all of the collaborators insta handles below. make sure you go and see each girl's post (and follow them, coz duh), because one of the most awesome things about this collab is the different + unique perspectives each person gives! ahhhhhh I love it so much! also don't forget to show some love by commenting (quite a few of us have questions we'd love you to answer!) + telling us what you think. 

if any of you guys are thinking about doing a collab or have a brilliant idea for one, then comment below or flick me an email or contact me on social media and maybe we can work together!

sarah kriner | @sarahkriner
hawwa | @hawwaetc
joanna | @jo.c.dell
payton | @paytonmarie1833
beth | @bethjoyce92
megan | @littlebrowncards
mackenzie | @mackenziehope1
jess | @missjessy12


  1. Amazing idea! I've checked the pictures out on instagram and they look fantastic. You are all so creative. X

  2. so much epic, just saying.

    i don't have any brilliant ideas, but i would love to be involved in some kind of creative collaboration... this school stuff is getting to me, haha.

    xx, rn

  3. :-D If you're after a must collaboration I could take some photos of sheet music and my viola? just a thought

  4. I'm not artsy or creative very much at all, but I admire people who are. You guys are a very talented bunch. My hat is off to you. :D
    ~Miss Meg

  5. AWWWH MAAAN, this post is cool, i'm going to link it in my upcoming post and WOO, I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE WE'RE ALREADY ON THE 3RD WEEK SOON.

  6. i am a fan, man. this is an epic idea, woman. go get it!