4 October 2010

A Girl's Life Fashion Week--Day 4

Going to relax at home
"Look cute while lounging around the house by yourself or with friends!
When just hanging out and relaxing, it’s nice to feel comfy! But comfy and cute? How do you pull it off without looking frumpy?"

Well, I love to be comfy, like: love love love. I have two pairs of pants that are lovely and comfy, one: my trackies, and two: my skinny leg jeans....woah, back up! I know what you're thinking, skinny leg jeans??? Comfy? But seriously, these ones are. They're stretchy and warm and I love them! But I love my trackies more. Anyway, I am totally babbling. Here's my entry today. Hope you like it!

Black crossover: ? So long ago...
Pink strapless: Given
Skinny Leg Jeans: £4
Ugg Boots: My sisters!
Neck Ribbon: 50p or $1

Gotta have my cuppa...total coincidence, but my cup was pink too!

Weird face or what?! I don't know how I managed that one..


  1. Such elegant looking lounge-wear! I like the whole look of this outfit. :)

  2. Haha, yeah, when it comes to wearing something at home, I like to be creative as well as comfortable. I make my 'home days' as guinea pigs to see if the outfit works--then I might wear it out.
    By that way, thanks to everyone who has commented! You are all so lovely.