5 October 2010

AGLFW--Day 5

Going to the mall
"What do you wear while shopping or just hanging out at your local mall?
You want to look trendy while you’re shopping (or window-shopping for us poor college students!) or hanging our at the mall with friends, right? What are you wearing?"

Well, in England they don't have malls--shocking I know! It is so annoying. Malls are so much better than all the long row of outside shops! NZ has malls I'm glad to say though.
The white shirt I'm wearing is all crinkly, I didn't have time to iron it. Sorry! I have a great weakness for waist-coats however--I love love love them. Is that just me or do other people like them as much as I do?
And I also love vintage sunglasses...bring them on. Here's my entry for today:

Waistcoat: ?
White Shirt: £1.50
Jeans: £10
Boots: £15
Suglasses: ?
Pearls: £4

This is outside our front door!

Close up on the waistcoat--nice truck behind me! And of course, my sunglasses.


  1. Stunning, I love the look. :)

  2. that is a really cute outfit. :) you live in england? cool!

  3. Glad you like outfit.
    Yup. Sunny old England!! I've only just moved here though. I miss the malls!
    And I miss good coffee--they DO NOT do good coffee here. Nope.
    But it is a very pretty place, very green and historic! Thanks again.
    God bless


  4. Really cute outfit! I love waistcoats too. =) And that's really cool that you live in England. Last year I was able to visit England for the first time, well London actually. And I can't wait to go back.