13 January 2011

Memories, Dreams and Reflections Part 2...

So up for round 2!

This is part 2 of my Memories, Dreams and Reflections. If you want to see Part 1 then click here!

13. Autumn Harvest.
The thing is about being in the UK is that you don't get the whole Harvest-y Autumn. I know that it's a big thing in America: the pumpkins, Thanksgiving, rustic apples and pumpkin pies. But in England you don't really get that. So here is my Autumn--if not harvest--interpretation.

14. Family.
Ok. I was stupid. I should've used the picture that I used in Part one for this category. Oh well!
Yeah, so typical that my Dad would be pulling a silly on me...gotta love him.

15. Celebrate!
I know this picture has some blur in it, but this was taken at my Grandma's birthday party and usually when I take a picture of my Dad he does a silly face (like the one above!). However, in this one he didn't. I was so happy, coz he looks so nice in this picture:-) Cheers Dad and Happy Birthday Grandma!

16. Let's Do It Again.
I love 1950's clothing. I would do a 1950's dress-and-photo-shoot again any day!

17. I Miss You.
I miss this beautiful dog of ours. She was the best dog alive.

18. Beautiful.
These three ladies are beautiful. What more I can say?

19. Dress Up.
I have such a weakness for dressing up. It's true. And I love dressing other people up *squeal*! My poor sister...

20. Macro.
This shot makes me happy because of the bokeh in the trees. Sigh. 

21. Holidays.
This shot isn't in any way great, but I love how this little sea-side village has such character. With the boats and boat-sheds and the quaint little cafe'. The sea was indescribably grey (welcome to England nzkiwigirl!), but I enjoyed our holiday so much.

22. My Favourite.
Although it was darn cold when it did snow, I did enjoy it. It was so beautiful!

23. Don't Ever Change.
My mum and her mum. Pretty self-explanatory!

24. Just Because...So There!
Snow, snow and gummies!!! I l.o.v.e gumboots.

25. Hopes and Dreams.
I hope that I will get closer in my relationship with the Lord; I dream that I will become a professional photographer; I hope that I will finish my novel; I dream that I will buy an DSLR; I hope that I will get to know my cousin better; I dream that I will speak French fluently:
I hope that I will never cease to dream and I dream that I will never cease to hope. 

(my wee poppet of a cousin)

Thanks for joining me than my 2010 journey! Thanks again Ashley:-)


  1. What a beautiful collection - you really did have a wonderful 2010 and I hope your 2011 is even better...and that all your hopes and dreams do come true!

  2. Adorable 1950's dresses! And all the pictures are just breath taking.


  3. These are so good. I loved that 1950's dress up and your Jane Austin style photo the best.

    I know what you mean about grey seas - you can add grey skies to that list aswell!

    Didn't get time to send you an email - but just to let you know that prayers were answered and I got the result I wanted. :) Praise the Lord.