1 March 2011

Earthquake News...

As some of you may know, we have had a major earthquake in Christchurch.
It was a 6.3 and at the very shallow depth of 5km. 
We felt it quite strongly, but we are safe and our house is undamaged. 
PGC Building. Photo by 3News.

As a result the City Center was devastated and so far 123 bodies have been found in the rubble and the death toll is expected to rise. 
I am so heart-broken that people from my city have died and that I can't jump into the city to help, because no one--unless you have specific and useful qualifications--can get into the center to help. 
My Dad has been in the city center, managing logistics and the thought that we're leaving soon makes me want to dig my heels in the ground and tell the Lord (and the airport!) NO. 
I feel as though I will be abandoning ship.

Our beautiful Cathedral, in ruins. Photo by 3News.

But, the Lord has everything in hand and will, I know, guide us and lead us to do things that will glorify Him and bless others at this time before we leave for the UK. 

Complete devastation and heartbreak. Photo by 3News.

So please pray for all those poor people in the city and for those who have lost their families and loved ones.
Please pray that the Lord will open up opportunities for us to share the Gospel with people.
Please pray that we will be of some use to others before we leave.
And, please pray that I will have peace (and trust in the Lord) about leaving all my dearest friends and family here in the midst of it all!

And a big thanks to Rosie from over at Leavesnbloom Photography for mentioning and asking for prayer for us "Cantabrians" on her blog!

God bless,



  1. Cantabrians? I'll pray for you and all the other people in New Zealand who have been affected by the earthquake. It's good that you're safe, though. :)

  2. Oh goodness! That's so sad :( that catherdal was so beautiful! I hope it wasn't to badly damaged :( I'll be praying

  3. I'm praying for it!!! That is so sad! But the Lord has a plan for it all. :)