16 February 2011

Where On Earth Am I?

You might well be asking that question.
I haven't been doing many posts lately and when I have done them they have been  at irregular times!
I have been and I am...
Yes oh yes. 
We didn't tell anyone that we were going to NZ for a holiday because we wanted to surprise everyone. 
I am enjoying it so much; the warm weather, the friends, the family, and the New Zealand-ness.
I have taken SO MANY pictures as we were in Rarotonga for 5 days (one of the Cook Islands)! 
So I have many, many pictures and stories to share with you.

Sunrise from the plane when we arrived in Rarotonga. These pictures are all SOOC.
Bring on the bokeh.
The sunsets in Raro were a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
My oh-so-gorgeous nephew (he wasn't too happy about being photograph-ed). I wish I had eyes and eyelashes like him!
My mum has such sparkly eyes!!!
So cute! My newest nephew is gorgeous and I think every baby should have one of these pictures to look back on when they are older.
One word: Pixie.
My sweet, 2 year old niece.

More to come! Keep a look out for my endless picture/update posts!
What are you all up to this week?

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These are a Few of My Favourite Things

God bless!


  1. WOW. That is some serious sunset amazingness!

  2. Awwwww!!!!!! Im so glad you got to see your nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW!!!
    The first and the third pictures are just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those photos are pretty - particularly the sunrise and sunset.
    It sounds like you're enjoying your time in your home country, Jess. :)

  5. That sunset from the plane. Ohhhhhh my goodness, will someone please pick my jaw up from the ground? You said it was amazing, but flip...that is stunning. Incredible. I'm speechless. (Been pulling that one a lot lately :P )

  6. So glad that you've got to cuddle that wee adorable nephew of yours at last. My neighbours flew to New Zealand just over a week ago aswell. That sooc of the clouds and sun is so awesome. I hope you have a wonderful time back home with your other sister and family.

  7. So glad to have seen this post! Your shots of of the sunsets are stunning, and your nephews and niece are just oh-too-precious! Love!