9 April 2011

Where You Lead Me

Finding out exactly what the Lord wants you to do can be hard sometimes.

And a lot of the time I think we make decisions without asking the Lord. I know that I certainly do.
Lately the Lord has definitely been speaking to me about how I make and how I should make my decisions.
Even in small things, I know that I should be enquiring of the Lord as to His plan and not my own;  there is a good plan and there is a God plan.

I would love to get a part time job, so I could save up for a DSLR--you're thinking: what's wrong with that?
Nothing, in essence.
But if I seek the Lord, He may have a better plan in mind, He may not want me to focus so much on my photography and more on Him. 
He may want me to wait.
But how will I know unless I seek Him?

Seeking the Lord through prayer, bible-reading, fellowship and good counsel.
God will answer; though it may not be the answer you or I are looking for, it will be an answer and it will be the best one. 
Whether it's a job, a camera, a move, or even just a day-to-day decision.
Seek the Lord.


  1. You know what - I came to the same conclusion this week. I've been focusing on getting a new camera for ages but I seriously asked myself if I really really needed one? sometimes I get too caught up in photography and the Lord losses out on the time I could be spending with him.