31 May 2011

Interview with MySweetBaboo

As you all know, Krystin from mysweetbaboo and Sappy Apple sponsored a giveaway I had lately.
She is so beautiful and talented, and all her items are simply gorgeous.
So, I thought that an interview was definitely needed here.
Read on my lovelies. Read on!

{isn't she gorgeous?}

1) Why did you decide to open an Etsy shop? 
I opened my Etsy shop as a little side project when my son was only a few months old. I've always loved making things and this was a fun way to feed my need to create during my "free time" or time that I should have been napping...

2) What/who inspires you to make your beautiful items? 
I'm inspired by simpler times, nature, antique and vintage materials and finding balance between old and new. I'm a huge fan of the found object and incorporating various textures.

{I love the simplicity of it! It is too sweet}

3) Tea or Coffee? 
I'm currently addicted to coffee, but I truly am more of a tea person. Earl Grey or the delicious Aveda blend.

4) I've been dying to ask this: where did the title of your shop come from? 
I named my shop after my son. He is the reason it exists, afterall. His name is Linus and for those of you who are familiar with The Peanuts cartoons, you know that Sally oftens referes to Linus as her "sweet baboo". 

{So Boho}

5) How long have you had your Etsy shop for?
I started my shop During the beginning of December 2009. It's evolved quite a bit since then.

6) A "laugh out loud" moment that you have experienced lately.
Oh my, I laugh all the time over the hilarious things my son does and says every day. It's hard to choose just one moment. Just yesterday while driving in the car, my boy was pretty quite in his carseat the whole ride until we had to sit in traffic. After about ten minutes of silence and the car not moving he burst out saying, "Ohhh, COME ON!" Guess he just couldn't take it anymore. He's two and already has road rage. He at least said "tank you" to all the cars when we did finally start moving.
{this is so delicately beautiful}

7) This question is a battered and bruised one (aka over-used!), but how would you describe your fashion/clothing style?
Hmmm, on a daily basis I go for classic and comfort. I'm usually wearing a nice pair of dark jeans, a white v-neck tee and a cardigan. I like to add a few accessories here and there to spice things up a bit if I'm heading out. I like leather belts around the waste and I'll often wear a ring or one of my necklaces. Now that the 
weather is warming up I find my self wearing a lot more dresses and boy oh boy do I love it!

Make sure you go an visit her shop and blog! They are pure joy.

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  1. These pieces are lovely, great interview.