1 September 2011


(I'm not sure why I'm squealing for you, you lucky dogs, winning all this good stuff.
Right, back to squealing.)

1. The winner of lauraclausons bagette is....
Marija! sorry, marija, but I had to re-draw the prize!

2. The winner of madisonstreetbeauty's choice of eyeshadow is...

3. The winner of simplicitycosmetic's choice of blush and eyeshadow is...
Olivia! sorry, olivia, but I had to re-draw the prize!

4. The winner of landofenchantment's print is...
Mary Ann!

5. The winner of lbjohn's hot air balloon necklace is...

6. The winner of haDarling's 3 bobby pins and necklace is...

Ladies, please email me with your choices (if your prize is a winners choice e.g. Olivia and Rachel) and addresses. If there is no response within 3 days, I will redraw the prize!

Oh, and the "winners" of the spot the blogger are Rachel who guessed Olivia and Carlotta and then Alissa B. who guessed Sydney from the Daybook. Well done girls!

Do you want more spot the blogger posts?



  1. Yes, more spot the bloggers!! Tho no one would reconise me I reckon :p Ah well :p They are great pics anyway :D

  2. More spot the blogger posts! That was great!

  3. Congrats winners! Yes, yes! I love those spot the bloggers things. :)

  4. YES, more spot the blogger! That was so much fun, and so darling to get to try!

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE that little necklace, and I am so excited that I won! Look for an email from me soon!


  5. Ooh, thank you! E-mailing now! I would love more spot the blogger, that was so cool!

  6. We'd most certainly like more spot the bloggers from you creative people. :) And thank you, Jess and Beth, for the lovely comments on my artwork.

  7. Ooh yay!! Thank you so much! :) Congrats ladies :)

  8. YES! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE more spot the blogger post!

  9. I think spot the blogger is such a unique idea Jess.

  10. Yes! More spot the blogger posts! The drawings are seriously AMAZING. I can't stop looking at them!!

  11. Ahh! So excited! I didn't see this before because I was gone at camp for the weekend, so I hope I'm not too late. =)
    Clicking on your email link on your sidebar isn't working for me, so if you'd be so good as to either comment on my blog with your email address or just email me (my email address is on my sidebar), that would be wonderful.
    Thank you oh so much!!