27 September 2011

touch up tuesday

I thought I would join in with touch up tuesday!

first off, I adjusted the exposure, as it was underexposed, then I brought some more colour into the picture.
afterwards, I applied an unsharp mask and took some of the noise out.

I warmed it up, and adjusted the curves. then I applied some actions/layers. 
after that, I simply added b & w and bumped up the contrast!

I also added a HDR effect for a little pnash...

which one do you like better? 

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

the winners of spot the blogger are.....

Qui guessed Polka Dot (blogger # 2) first.
Jennoelle guessed Hannah (blogger #1) first.
 Elsie (blogger #3) commented before anyone guessed, so it kind of made it easy for everyone, 
but Dezzy Louise guessed Elsie first.

well done everyone! the next spot the blogger will be hard and will have a prize for the winner!
so do your homework!


  1. lovely jubbly - I prefer the HDR one - well I would wouldn't I as I love doing dynamic range stuff - it just shows the detail alittle more without the need for the image looking oversharpened.

  2. I agree with Rosie. If you did HDR with color, that'd be cool, too!
    Great photos :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Oh wow!! LOVE the HDR one! But they're all amazing! xx

  4. Aww! This pic of the squirrel is so cute Jess;)
    haha Love the last edit! So adorable;)

  5. Great pictures! I really like the B&W without HDR! It's beautiful.

  6. I actually had no idea that Elsie commented!! LOL I'm so lucky(:

  7. The bottom one is definitely better. It's a much clearer image...so amazing what editing can do! What actions/layers did you apply?

  8. @jocee, yeah, I'm kind of wishing that I saved the other edit (in colour!). thanks!

    @rosie, fizi kizi, leah;-), kimberly:

    @dezzy louise, well done! not many teenage bloggers know about elsie's blog :-)

    @Lise, yeah, I like the bottom one better too. hmmm...I applied a warm action, then a fogy blue, then another warm and then b & w!
    hope that helps.

  9. Yup thanks :) I'm pretty sure if I could only choose one editing function, contrast would be te one I'd keep!

  10. I love each version, the monochrome has worked well, great capture, as they say!

  11. Your final product of the photo with editing and all is very sharp.

    Also...spot the blogger...YAY! Such a cool idea, and I really can't wait for more. (: