8 April 2012

sunday smoothies.

so, this smoothie may look to you like a cup of...of...something sort of weird and something that someone might of regurgitated. yes, I said regurgitated. my mama is a nurse. I show no shame.

Strawberry & Apple Smoothie

Small punnet of strawberries
1 large dessert apple
1 tangerine
1 single portion strawberry yoghurt/frozen yoghurt
Splash of apple juice

shove it all in blender, zoom zoom it all together and enjoy the blessedness of this smoothie. even though you've got it in your mind what this smoothie really looks like (refer to the sentence above the ingredients, just to jog your memory), keep enjoying it. it serves two. unless you're really greedy, and you wanted to have two glasses and not share it with anyone. I understand. smoothies are like that. they evoke the wickedness in all of us.

now, because I'm a nutrition nut (in a I-love-coffee-and-brownies-too-kind-of-a-way)  and I love all things healthy, here is the breakdown of this smoothie. aka: what it's doing to your body.
it will do crazy things.

strawberries. they have an awesome load of vitamin C and fiber. plus they taste like heaven. but they are bursting full of fruit sugars, which in this case are converted into calories, so not too many of these lovely bad boys, kids.
apples. one a day keeps the doctor away? it's true. the fibers in these honey-bunches are really good for your body.
tangerine. vitamin C and A. lots of. the tangerine's vitamin A is beta-carotene, which is great for your skin!
yoghurt. calcium and good bacteria. it has healthy fats and makes a lovely face-mask...disclaimer: I wouldn't really recommend slapping this smoothie all over your face. smoothies are for drinking. just clarifying.
apple juice (from concentrate): don't have too much of this good stuff...it's nice, but the heap of fruit sugars will be turned straight into calories. if you're bothered about that. which I'm not.

do you have a favourite smoothie recommendation? I'd love to try it out!

love you all.
be good, drink a smoothie and kiss a chimpanzee.

xox jess
p.s. happy easter sunday! I am so happy today. Jesus is Lord, we are no longer bound by sin because of His death & resurrection and God is good!


  1. "my mama is a nurse. I show no shame." << too funny.

    i am going to have to make this smoothie today. all i need are the strawberries... and the tangerine... and the apple juice. okay, i don't think i have any apples either. ...nope, no i don't.
    so, i'll be blending up yogurt. fantastic.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    1. haha, lol, you're so cute. ok...so what DO you have in your fridge/cupboards? what do people generally have in their cupboards in america (I'm guessing you live there?)? tell me and then I can make & share some more handy recipes!

    2. yes, i live in america :D we do buy fruit, i swear, but my seven siblings tend to gobble it all up before i can turn it into something yummy.
      um, got any good recipes for vegetables? because i can't pay them to eat those. (yes... i've tried. lol)

  2. This looks delicious! I don't really have any recipes for some favourite smoothies but rather throw whatever we have into a blender and hope it turns out! When summer comes along be sure to experiment with watermelon- it's THE best ever.

  3. actually, I've been raised by a health-nut mom, so that smoothie doesn't look weird at all. it looks delicious and if I didn't already have very yummy food today, I might be hungry.
    when you didn't mention easter till the end of your post, I had a little freak out moment..."don't they have easter in england?!" ahaha, I'm so glad you do. it'd be a sad day to miss out on. happy easter, jess m'dear!

    1. yay for health nut moms! haha, I almost forgot to say something about it too...so glad that I remembered. coz I really wouldn't want to be responsible for a freak out moment. ;-) confession: we don't even have a bit of chocolate in the house. I know, it's easter and we have no chocolate. the life I lead. craziness.

  4. That looks so good! And the pictures make it look even more delicious. Just found your blog and I'm pretty much obsessed! It's wonderful!

    1. hey there stranger! lol. nice to meet you;-) thanks so much for your lovely comment! pure loveliness.

  5. We love making smoothies here for breakfast sometimes... and I know this sounds weird... but spinach can be cleverly concealed to make a delicious and healthy smoothie!!!!!!!!

  6. Jess. You are awesome and I love you. When I come to visit, I expect you to have one of these waiting for me.

    Love this post, and the edits are looking good :) My favourite smoothie? Mixed berries, milk and vanilla icecream...guess who else doesn't count calories??

    1. the feeling is mutual then? ;-) sure thing sweetness. lol, you didn't think that I was going to do smoothie pictures in a vintage edit did you? that WOULD be too much.
      haha, me and you both girl. ever tried custard as well? the bad-goodness of it all.

  7. This looks so tasty!

    Lately my husband & I have been downing lots of banana-mango combos. Toss in a handful of spinach, some rice milk & a spoonful of hemp protein and gulp it down! Depending on how much you like banana flavor, riper = more intense.

    We're vegan, so we don't do yogurt, but you could include some vanilla flavored in place of the rice milk. (or any other kind of milk, really.)

    And I love your first photo. :)

    1. wow, sounds delish! I actually really like rice milk...but we don't tend to get it that often. I really have to get around to putting spinach in my smoothies! I think it's such a great way to eat lots of it:-)

  8. Smoothie! Smoothie! Smoothie! I've never try one before..... Love the pics of the pink smoothie. If I had a fave smoothie... it would have to include honey, french vinalla ice cream and maybe skinless apple slices. Yum...I think.

    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

    1. wait...what? never had a smoothie before? wow. you should definitely have one then! ice cream is great in smoothies and so is custard. so yum!

  9. YUM!

    I want to try this now; such an unusual combination. I LOVE love <3 strawberry smoothies, but this is a whole new take.

    Thanks for sharing :) xx

  10. That smoothie sounds good I think my sis would like it a lot.
    I love Blackberry smoothies they are soooooooooo good!
    Love, Haley