4 April 2012

a vintage session

these girls.
oh these girls.
they smile, they laugh, they talk. they are both so beautiful. me and my sister, Beth, went over to their flat on monday to do this vintage session. their flat was full of vintage goodies and amazing paintings and old tables and victorian pictures.
we found a ridiculously sweet alley-way behind their flat. we took advantage of the sweet alley-way. why yes, yes we did. Beth, my sister, is the best assistant you could imagine when it comes to photo shoots: she has many roles to play. while I'm snapping away, interjecting at times to boss someone around, she is Desmond or Harry or Monsieur Louis. Desmond was the young man that our lady in the white dress was leaving behind, Harry was the man who our lady in the white decided to run away to and Monsieur Louis is always intervening to say something happily unhelpful.
and that was just for this session. when it comes to doing kiddos...wow, it gets pretty fun.

anyway. these girls were very patient with me. I'm pretty bossy, very spasmodic with my ideas, extremely weird and silly to boot. they were amazing. or I should say they are amazing, because it's not like they're dead or anything. I think.

which picture do you like best?

love you all.
be good, find a vintage buddy (or a Harry!) and ride a goat.

xox jess
p.s. thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post! you are all way too shockingly good to me. and I love you all.


  1. JEALOUS. that's it. i need to move in with you. i'll be there say, 6pm American central time? yeah.
    -jocee <3

    1. any time darling, any time. there'll be a vanilla latte ready for you.

  2. these are just simply lovely. hmm, I think one of my favorites is the very first, with the mirror. so cool & creative. and can I have that white dress? bah. you're amazerifying. yeah I made up that word.

  3. I honestly think my very favorite shot out of all of these is the one where the one in the white dress is holding the bike. just too fantastic for words. it needs to be sung in a song or something.


  4. You just filled my vintage cup to the brim. SERIOUSLY!? These are amazing and I am crazy inspired. I gotta find myself a path like that pronto!

  5. The bike just makes everything gorgeous. I'm really on the lookout for vintage bicycles. Yes, I totally agree with Jocee, too:)

  6. the bicycle, the trunk, oh my goodness gracious. these are the most amazingly gorgeous pictures ever darling. <3

  7. thanks girls! you are all such sweeties! like lil chipmunks ;-)

  8. Eden McKoy follows your blog and will be doing a giveaway on my blog. I invite you over to see my saturday giveaways, enjoyed your posts.

  9. beautiful dresses! And I love the little stories.

    I especially love the black & white shot with the bike - fantastically filled with story.

  10. LOVE the one with the bicycle!

  11. Oh wow, these photos are absolutely amazing! I'm just a little bit obsessed with polka dots, so I love the dresses - lovely job with the styling/photography.

  12. I like the one with the polka dot dress :)