21 May 2012

intentional, deliberate + other dangerous words

are those words scary or what? I bet you're already as nervous as a cricket that I'm using those words. yes, I'm living on the edge. live on the edge with me! we can use the word intentional. it's cool. we're awesome.

anyway, I've been thinking lately, about how I take my pictures. I've been thinking about my style, my composition, my purpose and all that crazy jazz. I've come to some conclusions. conclusions, which are rather relieving, in that I don't have to wonder why I'm taking this picture, or what style I'm aiming for or who's picture I should make it look like.

taking my own pictures. it's so relaxing. photography style is like fashion sense. if you like polka dots and floral prints together, then wear them together! if you like navy and black together, rock on! it's the same with photography. rock it up.

and guess what? I love red bush tea. don't tell me you weren't dying to know that, coz I know you were.
and -squeal- the hobbit is coming out in 8 months. yes, I know. let's all gush about that together. speaking of which (actually it really has nothing to do with it), how do you like the new design? mooch around the new pages and be nosey. yay!

love you all.
be good, be intentional and drink tea with a squirrel.

xox jess



  1. love these photos and love your design.
    i've also been thinking about how i take my photos lately, and how i want them to be more than a snapshot of something, but a moment, or art - something with meaning.

  2. love love love the new design! your designs are always just perfect, and very you - like your photography! :)

  3. "be good, be intentional and drink tea with a squirrel."

    That is all.

  4. adore the new design--simply perfect!

    About the photos...I agree with you 100% about the photos--it's not like there is some strict code that you have to follow. ;)


  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! omgoodness. I just do. Its so laid back and relaxing...

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  6. i love the new design. i love all these shots. i love you and your "youness." ...yep, you're pretty much the best ever.

  7. your design!! so pretty! And the Hobbit!!! I'm super excited as well! Can't wait!!



  8. red bush tea? never heard of it, but i'm inviting myself over. i love you. alot. also, i agree with kinga.
    -jocee <3

  9. Jess! All of your pictures are beautiful. :) Great blog post too! - So true!
    I also love your new design, really adorable and summer-y. <3

  10. I'm completely obsessed with the new design and in love with these photos! Beautiful! :) I've been thinking a lot about my photography style as well. It's something I need to explore more!

  11. I love the design cupcake. Made my day seeing it after a long day of political philosophy. Sneaky sneaky...it's changed since the screen cap! Hey! Is that a print out of something off pinterest I see in your journal? Do you do that often? I started writing down quotes into a notebook which I've dubbed my 'cheesy quote book'. Except the quotes aren't cheesy. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a notebook addict. Anyway, I'll run off before I write a full blown letter down here :D (Though I did manage to buy some a-ma-zing letter sets the other day...finally!)

  12. Jeeessssssyyyyy!!!!! WOW! love the new design you lil sis-ay.... hope you are behaving yourself and not getting into too much trouble while i'm not there to sort you out:)
    Love from your big sis!


  13. Love the new design! And these photos are plenty awesome! :)

  14. I love your design! The floral and font is perfect. And this post? So cool. Photos are amazing. And once again, you've made me laugh.

  15. Love the new design! And the Hobbit... oh, the Hobbit. Words cannot describe my love of the Hobbit.