12 May 2012

she done gone left me

my sister. she has done gone left me.
we got up early, as they were leaving at 7:30am. the mama and the daddy have gone to drop her off some four hours away. she's gone to be an au pair/in-house nanny with a lovely family far-far-far-too-far-away. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself, to be honest. I've cried my eyes out, had a cup of tea (tea really makes things better), had a cup of coffee (the next best thing to make you feel better), looked through pictures and watched the last video we made together. which I might upload. interested?

the change to yours truly will be coming soon, I just haven't had much time lately with my horrible sister leaving me all alone. and all these exciting things seem to be falling into place right now and although I'm miserable without my Betty, I'm also super giddy about some other things.

so. I love you all and I'm about to start on downton abbey season 2. I die.
be good, find your sister & chain her to the door.

xoxo jess


  1. Aw, I'm sorry you're missing your sister! I remember how hard it was when my older brother left for college! It's hard, but the neat thing is, you don't really grow apart. Long phone calls always help. :)

  2. this is how I'm going to feel in about a month, because my sister Cassie is leaving me too. sob. I won't know what to do with myself.
    downton abbey season 2? yeah, you're gonna die.
    also, I hope at least some of those exciting plans fall into place! (: (:

    1. wait...what? your sister is leaving you too? ugh. sisters. they are so mean. we can go through the "don't know what to do with myself" together. everyone keeps telling me I'm gonna die when I watch DA season 2...I'm really scared now. does something terrible happen? no, don't tell me.
      haha, yes, I hope those plans work out too! wink wink.

  3. where are you watching downton abbey season 2? I can't find it anywhere. :)

    1. no, you can't find it on youtube or anything, we just bought the series and christmas special on DVD. that's the way to do it! it's so worth buying.

  4. this is how i'm going to be feeling soon too... my brother's in college and pretty soon he may move out on his own.
    and downton abbey is amazing :)

  5. I hope you get to talk to your sister a lot and don't miss her to much.
    downton abbey season 2 is ever better than the first I hope you like it.
    Love, Haley

  6. aww! I remember how it was when my older sister left..I love the photos! yall are so cute!

  7. You guys are both GORGEOUS and I'd die to hair either of your hair. LOVVEEEE the pictures!

  8. Yes!!! I know how you feel my sister is leaving me...she's basically my other half! She's going to be moving to Canada...I just want to soak up as much sissy time as possible before she leaves me. At least good things are on the lookout for you :)

  9. gah--I can't imagine what I'd do without my sister. :(

    by the way--you both have a big slew of amazingly gorgeous hair. :)

  10. oh goshbubbles. i'm sorry she left you. but to make you feel better, your post title sounds like something minny or aibileen would say in "the help". also, you're starting downton abbey's season 2? oh my goshbubbles, you're totes gonna die. yup.
    -jocee <3

  11. So sorry that your sister left :( I understand how you feel...my older sister and brother are back in America while the rest of us are living in Uganda.
    Downton Abbey is my favorite. Ever. I actually just finished season 2 today! It was wonderful :)

  12. You two are SO beautiful!!!
    Miss ya a lot...

  13. Aww, I'm so sorry! I can see how bad this must feel. My sister and I are inseperable. Therefor I'm not looking forward to that fatal day where we will have to seperate. :P


  14. aww :( I'm not looking forward to leaving my little sibling at home in a year! but tea does make everything better :)
    also, just wait 'til you get to the christmas special. so. good.

  15. hope you feel better soon, love. me, i'm the oldest, and i'll be leaving my seven, loving siblings too soon :\ off into the wold, blue yonder...

  16. awww! I understand having older siblings move away...I agree, let's chain them to the door.=) Great pictures!! You and your sister are beautiful...and your hair is amazing.

  17. Why'd she have to leave you all on your lonesome. Sad. Sorry she's moved away. :(
    I can only imagine how you must feel. I don't know what i'd do if my older sister ever decided to move away. Twould be sad.
    Thank the Lord for phones and the ability to write and e-mail or even skype.
    Downton Abbey? I seriously just need to watch it already. :) Yes! I would love to see the video that you and your sister made!
    Oh, and you and your sister are gorgeous. You both have such beautiful hair. :D


  18. this is helarious! but also sad : (
    yes, i will chain my sister to the door! thanks for the adive : D

  19. aww i know how you feeling. my sister and i do everything together until one day she decided to moved like 3 half hours away from here for her college... 3 years gone by, i was hoping she will be returning when her college ended... sadly no, she love there, so she went and brought a house there from her winning money that she won on Deal or No Deal last year :(

    but we promised each other that we wont leave it too long, so we take each turn to visits every 2 months for a week or 2 weeks :D

  20. awh, i don't know what i'd do if my sister went far away!

  21. great blog dear !!! :)
    what about to follow each other?


  22. Video? Did I hear video? Sounds like a good idea! :) I feel sorry for your loss. :( No fun.

  23. Um? I really, really love your blog. A lot. Sorry about the awkward comment on your month-old post. But I was scrolling through. And you and your sister have gorgeous curly hair :)