10 May 2012

real, normal + real life

you know something? life is real. blogging can sometimes make life out to be very unrealistic. we bloggers struggle with this, yes? it is so easy to make our lives seem glamorous, amazing, perfect and lovely all year round. all month round. all everything round.

well, it's not. sometimes it's hard. sometimes it's embarrassing. sometimes it's awkward, well, it's a lot awkward. sometimes it's just . not . pretty.
so why do we make out like it's perfect? guys. we all have days where we look awful. where we feel awful. where people are being horrid. where we're being horrid. where we just tripped over nothing. where we spilled coffee down our chin. where we can't afford those 'blogger' coloured jeans, oxfords, nikon, nerd glasses, blazer, starbucks coffee in our hand every two seconds, or iphone.

so let's do what my little cousin is doing in that last picture. let's do some sort of karate chop on perfection & fake glamour and let's get real. are you with me? for narnia?

I'm guest posting about this topic over at lucia, etcetera tomorrow. so remember to check her blog out then!

love you all.
be good, pop over to lucia's place tomorrow, and be real-er than real.

xox jess


  1. FOR NARNIA! yup.
    also, your photos: glorious. le lovely.
    -jocee <3

  2. glorious pictures. they are so magical. and what a fantastic post. just... amazing!!

  3. always for Narnia!

  4. So, I'm kinda obsessed with these pictures. And yes, I'll do anything for Narnia! I'm actually about to post a real post soon. Ironic? :)

  5. for narnia... lol. but seriously, this is constantly on my mind. thanks for being real.

  6. this is what Hannah from Aspire was talking about

  7. Awesome post Jess. I'm praying for you all.

  8. I'm with you, Jess!! For Narnia! haha Loved this.

  9. I'm with you, Jess! For Narnia!! Haha. I can't tell you how much I love your blog. Can't wait to read your post on Lucia's blog tomorrow!


  10. This is so true Jess! Great post, and your cousin is adorable! :)

  11. I agree:) I read your guest post and yes it's so true... Nobody will learn from perfection, it takes a few people to stumble so that others can learn how to walk in this life according to God. The reality is I am an imperfect city girl who is loved by a perfect God. I am honest and a crazy about Jesus worshiper/ Salmist who just can't live without her Father. So many mistakes but thankfully...the word says that His mercies are new every morning:) It'd be awesome if you could stop by my blog. It's nice to talk and share with others what God is giving us at this time in our lives. Anyways...sorry for the essay haha but God bless, Jess.

  12. Just popped over from Lucia's blog. I was so intrigued by your post that I couldn't get over here fast enough to learn more about what an amazing gal you are. Truly inspiring!! Loved both posts.

    Tam ♥

  13. I loved that guest post and left a comment. Yay for real imperfect blogs about normal lives! Have a lovely weekend, your blog looks really nice!

  14. Just saw your post over at Lucia's blog!! I absolutely LOVE yours! And your photography is amazing.

    Can't wait to explore around here even more.... :-)

  15. these shots (especially the first few) are so cute :) and i love the last one.
    and yes. so true.

  16. I just wanted to drop you a quick note saying that I loved your post over at Lucia Etc.!
    This is my first visit to your blog and I've really enjoyed looking around. I will be back soon to read more :)