24 June 2012

travelling #2

so, carrying on with our travelling series, welcome part two! part one of this series is here. today we're looking at packing...oh the joys of packing. exciting and fun and annoying and boring. what I wouldn't give for a dude in a suit to carry around my pinterest wardrobe which should be real but really, really isn't.

how to pack - outfit 1

how to pack - outfit 2

how to pack - outfit 3

how to pack - outfit 4

how to pack - outfit 4 by trulyyoursdesigns featuring chanel fragrance

packing. for me, packing tends to bring out the whole ok-so-I-need-about-twenty-items-to-make-up-all-these-outfits-I-have-in-my-head.-I-need-to-go-shopping!-oh-wait.-I-have-no-money.
so I usually end up with a get over it and an I need to get creative.
I know that you all really needed to know all that. don't you feel better for knowing what goes on in my squirrel-mind while I'm packing? I feel better for sharing it. it's like unburdening my soul. disclaimer: souls have nothing to do with packing. 

souls, in fact, would have you packing everything from your wardrobe into your suitcase. but we must be ruthless when it comes to packing. so. forget the souls. enter the ruthless will power and the hammer of thor.

tips for (ruthless) packing

- pack outfit-by-outfit. I find that this helps. choose some outfits and stick to em. then, once you've worn your put together outfits, swap them up! that's when you find out that your floaty floral top looks nice as a skirt.

- limit yourself to four pairs of shoes. I know. I know. it's heartbreaking. I always say (depending on the season/climate) two pairs of flats, one pair of boots, and one pair of nice heels. for those shoe-lovers out there, breathe and have a chai tea while you pack. 

- pack tidy. your suitcase is going to look like a train wreck on the return part of your journey, so why not start off looking like a pro? seeing a beautifully packed suitcase will make you feel all warm and cuddly inside. scientific fact. ish.

- write checklists. this is mine. because when it comes to lists, I am literally obsessed. I. love. lists.

  • can you close your suitcase? if not, go and seek counselling.
  • have you packed your toothbrush & pjs? if you haven't, well done jess. you're just being you.
  • have you over-packed on socks? yes, of course you have. that was a rhetorical question.
  • did you pack a million and one spare hair-ties? good girl.
  • got your computer? no, stupid, coz you'll use it to the last minute.

ta da!

how do you pack?

love you all.
be good, pack a suitcase, and do a happy dance.

xox jess


  1. Some great advice, Jess! Especially the part about the chai tea. hehe. :)
    All of those outfits are so cute!
    Ha, The problem with me, when I start packing is that I always want to pack, like, everything that I own! It's really bad, and then I end up sitting on the suitcase to get it to shut.

  2. Cute outfits! Those are the type of things I *wish* I had when I traveled. And then I go and pull out those outfits I try not to wear too often, but end up doing anyways. :)
    4 pairs of shoes?? That'd my Daddy's rule, but I never seem to follow it. There's always a good excuse to bring more shoes, right?
    Over packing socks? You and me both, girl. ;)

    {{hugs}}, bree

  3. Haha, I just love the way you put things. Every post is entertaining. ;) Oh and by the way, I soooo wish I had a closet full of pinetrest/polyvore outfits too!


  4. ohmygosh! The "I need to go shopping. wait I have no money." thought runs through my mind as well...haha! Love the way you write Jess, you make me smile. :)
    How do I pack? Hmmm...well I usually overpack...haha I just have to be prepared...ya know!


  5. I always roll my clothes. Then they fit in my suitcase better. =D

  6. i love this, jess!!! like SO MUCH!! you just make me smile...and the tips are really helpful and i'm going to refer to them when i pack to go away! :)

  7. pretty much i just throw everything in a duffel bag and voila, i'm done! haha

    loved the outfit with the fringe boots. very comfy and cozy but stylish.


  8. can you close your suitcase? if not, go and seek counseling.

    If this is not me. I can never decide on which shoes are better so I take all of them.

  9. great advice! List making is my way to pack--it's the only way I get anything done these days--whether it's packing or how to clean my room 101!

  10. really nice advice and super adorable outfits. don't we all need that cute, buff guy who has no problem carrying your bags around as you gallavant about? I know I do. ;)

    I like to make lists. list after list after list.

  11. Lists are my best friend--otherwise, I'd be l-o-s-t. :) You make me smile!


  12. love the second to the last!!!!!!!

  13. I'm a total packing freak. I LOVE packing, and I love lists. I pack really neatly and tightly on the way to my destination, but on the way back, it's stuff everything in haphazardly and catch the plane. haha. ;)

    xo. rachel