25 October 2012

black and whites

the simple truth is that I love black and whites. these days, when I start filling up a post with pictures, I realize that most of them are black and white. so. I just thought that I would get married to it (them? it or them? them or it? confused.) or something.
thank you all for your amazing comments on my last post. it was so encouraging to see that so many of you felt the same way and all of your comments encouraged me so much. I do love you all.

the house is quiet. which is strange. the mum and the dad have gone away for the weekend (anniversary dontcha know) and I'm cooking dinner for me and the brother. say what? yeah. I'm actually cooking. it's good for me to get outta my comfort zone. I don't like cooking any more than it does me, usually we just warily eye each other from each side of the kitchen. but today, today, my poor brother probably needs all the prayer he can get. ha.

but anyway. check out this lovely lady's blog. she done gone made one. finally. also, some feedback needed. are these pictures (the ones above) too big for all of your screens? aaaand, one more thing. I'm leaving in two and a half flippin weeks. sohappyandexcitedtoogoodtobetruemoment.
I have some guest posters lined up with some excitingly cool stuff for the first month/month and a half I'm away, and then hopefully I'll be back onto my regular posting after that. but, for the time I'm not posting, I'll be on twitter, for those of you who want to know what I'm getting myself into up to in new zealand. also, why does no one live in california??!!

love you all.
be good, tell me about your life lately, and don't worry, be happy.

xox jess


  1. Yes! I love black and white pictures. They are so classic. I hope cooking goes well. :)

  2. love love black and white.
    though I must say sepia is my fave.
    funny, actually I live in California. it's a beautiful place!
    life = school = dull, but i'm still very happy:)
    I don't think I need to say enjoy yourself in new zealand because I know you will.

  3. girl, one of these days, i am going to hitchhike up to california to visit you. and we will bake minty-biscuit-brownies, and take lots of pictures, and watch the avengers. (also, jocee will be there, of course.)

    lovely pictures. i love black and white shots like i love hugs -- you can never have too many. xo

  4. I love these shots, Jess, especially the last one. So beautiful! I usually keep my photos in color myself, but I have to admit there's a part of me that is endeared to black and whites. =)

    And no, your pictures aren't too big at all! I love big pictures on blogs. =)

    Have fun cooking! Maybe after this weekend, you and cooking will come to an understanding. ;)

    And for once... I wish I lived in California.

  5. love the pictures (the last one of the trees is breathtaking(!!))
    ah, I bet you are so excited to go to New Zealand! It will be amazing i'm sure!
    black and white pictures are the best. the end:)
    (the picture size is great, too!:)

  6. I love quiet houses.. When I'm home alone. Nothing better I think! :)

    I think everything's better in black & white. Yours are fab! xo

  7. p.s. I do NOT KNOW why I have never visited this blog! I AM following actually. (: Your the greatest. Love all your pages.

    "if you are desperate in seeing me on some other social-networking-lovely, then just comment/flick me an email and I'll see whether thor & loki approve (aka, whether or not I fall in love with it)."


    1. pps-- I've kind of been stalking your blog all day.. Let's be friends??

    2. let's be friends. minty biscuits. it's a deal. ;-)

    3. HURRAH. Minty biscuits sound AMAZING.

      Shoot me an email?

  8. Your photos are lovely- the perfect size! And there's just something special about black and white!
    Kimmy x

  9. Beautiful pictures! Black & white photos are always so breathtaking... I have no idea why!

    I live in California and lurv it. Very pretty state, it is. Have fun in NZ!

  10. These are gorgeous. Black and white is just plain classy.

    I USED to live in California. I am seriously considering flying out there just cause. ;)

  11. Love these (: Can't wait to see pics from New Zealand!

  12. I love that last photo...especially because it completely suited the music that I was listening to. In my mind I was there, and the two people were in the photo were dancing together, yeah, I undeniably have a strange imagination -always have, always will.

    Can't wait to see you guys.

  13. nope, the pictures are a-okay! AND AGH YOU LEAVE SO SOON. I wish I could come to California to see you, truly I do. someday you shall come to Ohio. yes. minty biscuits.

  14. Good job on the pics! I like black and white too!! Is that little girl related to you? She kinda looks like you. :)


  15. I don't like b & w photos a whole lot, but I always swoon when I see yours! :)
    Have a nice time in New Zealand...my parents were just there for eight days and apparently it was really windy and wet and cold! :( But I have a feeling you'll enjoy it, whatever the weather!

    2- I mentioned you in my latest blog post-- CHEERIO, AND GO CHECK IT OUT?

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    2. Whoops, my computer said it didn't post the first comment, hence why I posted a second. :P

      Check out my blog post? ;)

    3. Sweetest post...period. And it's dedicated to one of the most awesome bloggers evah (Jess). That makes it better :)

  17. I just "found" you, and boy are you adorable! and seriously fun too ;) what lovely black and whites,I personal love black and white photography. mind me asking what you use to post process your photos? thanks!
    xoxo, grace

  18. these are super sweet. just found your blog and I think I just might be falling in love. :D so, you like california, eh? well, should you ever find your self in my neck o' the woods {i.e. Central California} and if you like to meet complete strangers in a rural bit o' woods {actually, we only have oak trees, hence the name of our super small town}, we could meet up and take lots of photos of all the wineries 'round here. :D bottom line is, I'm a Californian girl. *smile*

    hope you have a wonderful trip!
    >>---> come stop for tea {or coffee} at gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com